Friday 22 April 2011


Do you like bunting?  I do and last year I went a bit mad for it with some cute Easter themed fabrics and colours and some gorgeous large ric-rac braid. 

The original inspiration came from this book Quilt Yourself Gorgeous by Mandy Shaw which you can get here!

and I did make some birthday bunting from it for my boys but then I just went
one step beyond.  Cue, not mental strife!

Can you see the green fabric with daisies on underneath the letters T and S?  That is a little piece left over that my mother kept from a dress she made me when I was in my early teens to go to my cousins wedding - well he is due to retire soon....doesn't time fly??  Okay enough embarrassing stories!

I still have some bits cut out to make more bunting for Spring - with lambs on it this time...but am waiting on more ricrac:

I also have the supplies to make some Hallowe'en bunting....ooooooh:

And last year I wanted to make Russian matroyshka bunting, for Christmas of course is the fabric.  Have you got any of these - they certainly seemed popular at the time?

That makes least three sets of bunting - my UFO list lengthens as we speak!

How is the bunting in your life?  Are you all s-t-r-u-n-g out or floating on the breeze?


1 comment:

  1. I LOVE BUNTING!!!!!!

    I'm flying around all over your blog soaking up gor-juss-ness!!

    My project list isn't getting any smaller you know!

    N x


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