Saturday 9 April 2011

It must be Spring! Look!

Saw these cuties and couldn't resist taking a picture:

They live just a few yards from our house.  Last year the Tudor princess named every one - about 20 - and swore that she could tell them apart.   What would you call these two - any suggestions?  How about Bow-legs and Gawky?

These are the first two this year.  Hope more will follow for they are very entertaining as they jump and play with each other.  I just feel sorry for their mothers as the lambs often jump on them and headbutt them in the side to get some milk!   But at least the lambs show their appreciation with their constantly wagging tails.

What makes you wag your tail with happiness - for me it must be a fabric parcel arriving on my doorstep....not that that ever happens....of course...

Keep those tails wagging and leave me a comment, please...don't be shy...


1 comment:

  1. I'd love to watch them in the spring. I bet they are adorable!! it seems newborns of any sort are always so happy!


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