Thursday 28 April 2011

Hallowe'en bunting!

Is it too early to get ready for Hallowe'en?  Since I missed the deadline for my Christmas wreath and Hallowe'en banner I thought I'd get in early.

Here is a little bundle of flags - quite cute I think!

And here they are standing to attention:

Here is my idea of a Hallowe'en tree bush!  It's purple, it's prickly, it's Berberis!

And here is my bunting resting, waiting for someone to string them up!

What are you making well ahead of time?   Go on tell me - I won't tell anyone else, it'll be our secret!  Shhhhhh!



  1. I've got two Chrismtas projects I'm working on.
    Love your Halloween flags!! It is never too early.

  2. Cute bunting! I love halloween sewing! I am "thinking" of classes for Christmas sewing...although it is all just still locked in my brain :)


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