Wednesday 20 April 2011

Easter decorations!

Is it time to get out those Easter decorations yet? - a few of you already have so I am not the first.

Here are some little hangings I made several years ago.  Three little bunnies and some Easter baskets:

The little girl rabbit was actually a cat in the original - which I adapted to have a bunny face as they were to be Easter decorations. 

The others in the series are a duck and a dog.   You could do them all and make a quilt or make cushion covers or wall hangings.  I think I got them from my LQS and they are from the Storybook Animals series by Jan Kornfeind of Country Appliques.

 Maybe I could do the duck for Easter too...!  He is quite cute with his sailor hat on!

This third rabbit hanging is based on designs in this book Life in the Country with Country Threads by Mary Tendall and Connie Tesene (still available from here!):

I took the rabbits, carots and tulips from this book and added the primroses, the basket and Easter eggs

Do you have any of these little treasures too?  These are some of the first little hangings I made - only the Debbie Mumm hangings pre-date these...but that's a Christmas story..

Is the Easter Bunny in your neighbourhood?

Tell me where to find your blog posts about your Easter decorations!

Or just say hello, I'd like to get to know you! 


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  1. thanks for the reminder - I'd like to make some Easter decorations next year. I'm so lax on decorating for any holiday apart from Christmas!

    xo, Rachel - Stitched in Color


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