Monday 18 April 2011

Crochet cushion finished!

As I told you the crochet cushion cover was waiting for a cushion pad to be finished.  I found an 18" feather pad at Design a Cushion!  A UK company with products made in the UK!   They were certainly quick in delivering all the way 'frae bonnie Edinburgh' so I didn't have long to wait.

I only started making this on Saturday evening and it was finished the following Friday - that's good going for a procrastinator like me!

So tada!  I changed this:

Into this......!

....with a bit of help from Nicki Trench, Rowan wool and Design a Cushion!  Thanks people I really enjoyed that and guess what I ordered two cushion pads, not just one, so I can do it all over again.....or something different!  Any suggestions cushion lovers????

What has been your favourite cushion project - I know there are lots of them out there...?

Have fun with your cushions today!



  1. Hi! I'm in the process of making this cushion... But I have to keep starting again! In the book, the instruction just says "change to A" etc., but I have no idea how to bring each new colour yarn in! Every method I try ends up making the rings look all awkward and scruffy - it either distorts the shape of the circle or there are big gaps! Any tips? Yours looks great! Jessie x

  2. Don't have you e-mail address so hope you read this Jessie K. The trickiest bit of this cushion for me was changing the colours but I held tightly onto the three pieces of thread until I had anchored in the new thread - or you could knot the old end to the new to keep things nice and secure but unknot when you sew ends in! Hope this helps


  3. Gorgeous cushion and thanks for the link to the cushion shop. How about this for your next attempt? Or am I two years too late and you've already used the other cushion pad?!


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