Thursday 31 March 2011


This weekend we had a pleasant visit from my sister-in-law and her two little ones.  I'd forgotten just how full-on 5's and under can be!  As the SPARE ROOM is my sewing space I had to tidy, clean, clear out and keep out....ARRGH!   So no sewing done this weekend  :{  but I now have a clutter-free sewing room :-)  Wooohhoooo!

However I did meet up with my dear friend on Friday who is now a knitting buddy and we knitted up a storm.  I have now finished knitting a shrug that I started 18 months ago! TADA!!!  Fanfares please!!!  Kindly modelled by elder daughter in pictures 2 and 3 though quite a bit big for her....

I may have to adapt it a bit as the ribbed section at the bottom does not lie flat but am happy with the general result.  With the recent slightly colder weather I may get some use of it too - not sure whether I'm happy or sad about that??!!  I love Aran knitting - it looks complicated but isn't....the pattern was free and downloaded from here!

After our guests had left, my son, the Tudor princess and myself all caught a very nasty bug and were ill for several days.  So not much progress this week either. 

Instead I offer one of many UFOs that I wish to confess to, and hope that I can finish this year - oh no I've said it now .... what have I done??? 

  This quilt top is not quite finished as I am wanting to add a black border round it plus a scrappy tumbler border to make it a bit bigger.  The colours are inspired by the Art Deco period which I love and the fabrics, apart from the solid black, are all dotty!

Carolyn Forster of Quilting on the Go! taught this scrappy Kaleidoscope Hexagon Quilt in June 2010 at the Quilt Room, in Dorking.  She is such a lovely person it is a pleasure to do a course with her and I always feel I am in safe hands, indeed she keeps trying to prevent my kackhanded self from slicing bits off my digits with my rotary cutter!  

Carolyn's own quilt has blue centres, white and scrappy tumblers and is absolutely gorgeous - no in-filling half-hexies on her quilt edge to make a nice straight line! (You can see her quilt here!  - please do!)    

I am amazed I got this far quite quickly - all before Christmas - as it is hand pieced - yes each individual piece in each hexagon - and I even joined them up by hand too!  I know!??  How crazy is that?? But it has been stuck at this stage for quite a while.  I hope by confessing it I can move it on.

Here is a close up:

I have quite a few more tops to confess, some older than this, but at least I have made a committent and hopefully will turn UFOs into WIPs and maybe even a finish!

What are you hiding in your closet?

Happy piecing...


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