Tuesday 5 April 2011

Was I naughty this weekend?

Yes, I guess I was! 

I bought the blogging book, Blogging for Bliss, by tara frey, to make things a bit prettier here, of course!  You can let me know if you have noticed anything different??  And you can check out her own blog here!

This book is an enjoyable read and gives lots of examples of beautiful blogs, including some patchwork/craft ones.  Like I really needed some other blogs to follow!! haha!  Between reading and writing blogs I won't have time for housework!  Now that's a thought.....  

The most value I have got from it so far is to make me think about how I want my blog to look and what I want to say - maybe that's worth the price in itself??  ISBN 978-1-60059-511-0 and you can get it here!

I love Orla Keily don't you?  So how could I resist this notebook - so much cheaper than her fabric, handbags, chairs, cushions etc, etc.....................I just have to think of what I am going to use it for - it has to be something special.

And finally, the crochet book cute & easy crochet by Nicki Trench is just gorgeous - beautifully photographed and lots of vintage style projects in pastel colours.  I'd like to make the granny square 'patchwork bag' first and I will probably use it as a knitting bag. 

There are lots of other lovely projects to do as well so it's not a one project wonder.  Take you pick from blankets; cushion covers; bunting; a crochet hook holder; a purse; hats; jam pot covers; wash cloths; egg, mug, cafetiere, and tea cosies; scarves; gloves & baby accessories .

ISBN 978 | 907563 06 5 and you can get it here!

Why not tell me about some books you have bought recently?  I have a few others up my sleeve so to speak but more about those later.  Have a great week!


PS I just wish I could get blogger to stop centering text after a photo....??

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  1. ohhhhh that crochet book looks like a new one! I love the pic of your cats on your sidebar - just yesterday I inherited my mum's cat after she passed away. She is terrified at the moment so we have set up a safe room and she is staying up there most of the time but I can't wait till she is lounging around the house more comfortably! I think cats just make a house so 'homey'


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