Monday 4 April 2011

I think she likes it!

I posted earlier about a matroyshka cushion I made for a friend.  Well I had to give it to her early as it's her birthday today!  And she's away on holiday!  Happy Birthday Den!

I wrapped it up specially and enticed her upstairs where it was waiting for her.  Here is the package:

And just to remind you here is the cushion:

I made the matroyshka applique by printing out a colouring page and using it as my template.  I used a mixture of fabrics, felt and ribbon, stitched them in place, embroidered features, layered just the white square with batting, and outline quilted it with embroidery floss.  Then I found a chunky corduroy for the backing (2 pieces) which I secured in the middle by some big buttons.  Sorry forgot to take a photo of the back!

Have you got a cushion(or should I say pillow) in the making?


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