Friday 8 April 2011

I confess...yet another UFO

Here is a quilt I started because of the fabric!  I went to my LQS sale several years ago and ended up with beautiful black/white fabrics. 

I decided on the snowball block to show off some of the large motifs.  I was using squares in the corners to make the triangles - a technique that was then new to me.  The monochrome pallette was very different from my usual but I did inject some red to lift it a bit.   

It was to be a square quilt but I ended up using the leftover HSTs from the snowball blocks to make a border at the bottom and top.

All it needs is a back (I am going to use up leftovers), then layering, basting and quilting.  Then hey presto quilt finished...

The most exciting thing about this one is, it is my own design - not very complicated I know - but mine all the same!
I know there are lots or red/white quilts around but who else has a black/white quilt?  Hands up now let me know and if you have a picture I'd love to see it!

Happy piecing and quilting!



  1. Great idea! The extra top and bottom borders really look nice. It makes the design look a lot more complicated. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh yes....a great quilt for sure!!!

  3. Beautiful quilt! What a great border design!!! Thanks for sharing your quilt- inspiring!!!

  4. What a clever way to use your HST's.


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