Friday 15 April 2011

A little parcel in my letter box....

Look what arrived in my letterbox this week.  A gorgeous collection of fabrics from Saints and Pinners in Devon.  You can find them here! 

Dolce Bamboo Garden
Dolce Ella
Dolce Deco fans
Dolce Glamour and
Dolce Rita
Dolce Marilyn and Dolce Lana

Yellow voiles from Anna Maria Horner:

Dobby dots
Diamond Mine
Forest Hill
Colouring Garden and
Little Honey gold 

I heard about Saints & Pinners at Blueberry Park - a great UK blog!  Thanks for the recommendation about a great UK online-shop.

Before the end of term one mum turned up in the playground with a patchwork skirt and I kept looking at her, or rather her skirt.  I thought: I could make that! 

So I want to make a patchwork A-line skirt out of all that orange and pink loveliness and I'm brooding over what to make with the voiles....maybe a scarf to go with that skirt.  Better start looking for a skirt pattern or summer will be over and no skirt!  Then where would I be?


Do you like my choice of fabrics?  I'm trying to decide whether to make rectangle patches or vertical strips?  Anybody got any suggestions?

Do help me to decide....or I may never get started...


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  1. Oooh I love those dolce fabrics- I used them for a project last summer - a skirt in those would be fab.


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