Tuesday 19 April 2011

Here is another look in my garden....

This week, the above has become this:

and then this:

Oh if only you could smell these lovely azaleas....

Now these are popping up and no slug damage.....yet, but  Hosta Sum and Substance is a bit tougher to chew on and escapes most of the slug depradation!

Puple Magnolia 'Suzanne'

more unfurling ferns - love that!  And a bit hairy too!

pretty in pink!

and Fothergilla major - better known for autumn colour but what about those bottlebrushes!

looking up into an acer - different view point...

I'm loving all these happenings in the garden right now.  It's a bit difficult to keep up with it all!  But I'll try my best.

How's your little Eden right now - is it waking up or going to sleep?

Happy gardening



  1. Beautiful garden pictures. I love the bleeding heart.

  2. Your garden is far more advanced than here in the Cotswolds. I am 900 feet up and still have daffodils out.
    Love you header and name very apt.

  3. what beautiful plants you have in your garden...and I wish I could smell those azaleas too ;-) Thanks for the top tip about edible flowers! We do sit out and eat on our deck, so perfect!

  4. Très jolies fleurs! Très originales! :o)

  5. you know what we call bleeding hearts in France : "Coeurs de Marie" (Marie's heart). I love them and always have some in our garden, as my daughter's name is marie !


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