Sunday 17 April 2011

Back to patchwork

With all this garden stuff and wool stuff you will be thinking I have abandoned my UFOs and have given up on patching and quilting!  Not so! Not so!  I have just been slowly moving on from where I left you...!

I have been piecing the back of the snowball quilt from left over blocks, from my left over corners and some of the remaining black and white fabrics, plus one cute new fabric I bought after I started this quilt.  Look cute cats - love that one with the curly whiskers...........

 It was not quite big enough so I added in new nine patch borders - I really like those pieced backs I see in blogland. 

I then got onto layering and basting -  I must say that this is my least favourite part of the quilting process...the beastly basting! - and then I machine quilted a grid outlining the snowball squares. 

Finally I found a really cute black/white gingham fabric from stash for the binding which I made on the bias and sewed in one continuous loop.  The power of internet tutorials!  I know I've led a sheltered life till now....  The result, well see for yourself....

Do you like my one tiny piece of red on the back?

I would still like to quilt something in the large snowball centres but am feeling indecisive - should I go for straight lines?  circles? snowflakes? I'm not sure...what is your opinion?  Anyway I left my beastly basting in until I decide whether to quilt some more or not.

Lots of my UFOs were started ages ago and I do not like the pattern so much now, or the fabric is not to my taste anymore which all makes the finishing that much harder but I really like this one again and I really like the 'B' side too, or should that be a double 'A' side?  (Comment for oldies and vinyl lovers!)

Don't forget to help me out in deciding what I should quilt in the snowball centre!  I really need some inspiration.....!

Have an inspiring day...



  1. I can't help with a design idea for the snowballs. My machine quilting stretches as far as "in the ditch" and next to the ditch. But what a lovely quilt. The back looks as interesting as the front. I would have made 2 quilts, they are so nice.

  2. I would love to see you do snowflakes in the snowballs , that would be great in mho!


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