Thursday 21 April 2011

Who doesn't like Easter Eggs!

These wall hangings are entirely my own design.  I was inspired by Faberge and his Imperial Easter eggs to make this version in silk.  I bought the silk at the Ardingly Quilt Fair one year from a company that imports silk saris - sorry cannot remember the name.

The problem with these fabrics was that they shredded very easily which made the hand applique quite tricky - I ended up using Bondaweb on some.  Then to increase the opulence I added a velvet border which I embellished by making the flowers in the corner.

The second one was an attempt to use up lots of bits of lace which I was making at the time.  I was worried they would get lost or rumpled up so I decorated some eggs with them.  They are sample pieces so lots of different types of lace including Bruges, Brussels and Torchon lace.  At least they are safe and now get a showing every Easter rather than remaining scrunched up in a drawer somewhere.

 Even though these are tiny pieces of lace they represent some hours of work - one of the reasons I no longer make lace but I have invested in it too much to give it up altogether.  I am now patching with some of my lace friends so I might slide back into it with their help but as large pieces of lace is slowwwwww going you have to take delight in the mini-world!  

If you make dolls what better way to finish off their clothes than a tiny piece of hand made lace - and on that scale it does not take long to do enough.... Tempted???   If you are...

You can connect to the UK Lace Guild here! and you will find a list of US Lace Guilds here! and the Australian Lace Guild is here!  Even if you do not take up this craft you may enjoy looking..?

Enjoy lace!  Leave a comment if you want to know more...and I will get back to you.



  1. They all look beautiful! Happy Easter!!!

    x Kristin

  2. love your easter hangings, what a great idea putting the pieces of lace in them.


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