Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cyril the Sailor Duck!

Here is Cyril the Sailor Duck all finished and ready to play with his friends

In the end I went round my applique with machine zigzag, then in big stitches in cotton perle.

I did some more big stitcherie round the rectangle and in the borders I did hearts, circles, straight lines and a flower!  I also stitched the name of the quilt in the border - just need to add my name and date to the back and the label is done - yeah! 

Buttons from my collection, both old and new, adorn Cyril's trousers and shirt, the small border patches, dot the 'i's and set everything off to a tee!  

I have used several techniques from Carolyn Forster's utility stitch workshop in this little quilt - it just seemed appropriate.  

think he looks every bit a Cyril but now I need to make his mate the little dog in the series as this was both quick and fun!  Now you all think I'm quackers, don't you??

The trouble is you are probably right!


Sorry - posted late due to problems with getting onto blogger and uploading photos!


  1. He is just adorable! I love your creation! I really like all of your details in the border too!

  2. Blogger has definitely been a bit pesky today - it seems to be working better in Firefox than Chrome. A very sweet applique - beautifully made!

    Pomona x

  3. Very sweet. Liking the stitching around the border and the embellishments like the flower, and letters.

  4. Yes you are quackers but good fun. It looks a fun quilt to do.

  5. Well done, look forward to the doggy one. You will have quite the collection.

  6. So adorable! I love the fabrics and the sweet!


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