Thursday 1 September 2011

Summary of August

I am listing all the projects I have been working on in August!

This was the biggest project I was working on - a UFO from 2005!  Terrible isn't it but I am sort of glad I didn't finish it then as my piecing skills (nil in 2005) were not up to the HST sashing.  Now it is my applique skills which are less practiced.....

At the beginning of August this quilt was a bundle of untrimmed blocks and a scramble of half square triangles (HSTs)

They were trimmed, given a mini and HST sashing and joined together

Borders were added and one was stitched with swags and stars....

I had hoped to finish all the borders in August but too many other wonderful things got in the way ....

I only made 8 of these Farmer's Wife blocks this month but these are my blocks to date...

In July I made a placemat/wallhanging with a little house on it using Marti Michell's small schoolhouse template.  As I loved it I decided to make a little quilt of schoolhouses using the lovely Kona solids I have been buying from Mandy at Simply Solids.  I will be using this as a colour chart as I intend to embroider on each house the name of the colour!

More houses have been cut out waiting to be sewn together and other solids have been purchased ....

A little doll quilt from Kathleen Tracy's first book.

This was the first project of August....I have another in mind for September!

The plaid string quilt was pieced together and is now waiting on it's border - must get onto that soon!

Feeling pleased I have finished handstitching the rose dream blocks and have pieced a back for this quilt - layering and basting this month!

The Polo Fruity quilt was in pieces at the beginning of the month but thanks to the Hexalong with Lynne and Gayle it is now together but waiting for 49 39 circles to be appliqued over those holes....

Forgot to show you these latest hexy blocks, probably as I wish I had made them with more value contrast.  But now I have all these to show you...

I have fallen way behind on this Hexalong...but loved making the blocks I did get around to!

I joined another QAL - getting good at that - the Across the Sea QAL led by Jennifer and Sarah - here is the Fright Night lapquilt version - this quilt will have teeth...

And here is the baby quilt version when I get more background fabric...

The lovely easy star pincushion made in 1.5 hours designed by Kimber and published on the Moda Bakehouse

I went to the Festival of Quilts and this is the mug rug I made for the lovely Susan Canadian Abroad.

Not only did I go to FoQ and meet Susan IRL!  but many others, including some Horsham Quilters!  I definitely want to return to FoQ next year but would like a sleepover to really experience it all!  

I also made some great new bloggy friends this month.   If you feel at home here by all means leave a comment and pull up a chair - we could be emailing back and forth in no time....

I am linking this post to the lovely Lynne's blog Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day.  You can see her button on my sidebar!  Please visit  - you will not be disappointed at all the loveliness going on there.


  1. Wow.....................what an amazing amount of work. They all look fantastic.............I can't believe how much you do!! Well done...........however.....does your family recognise you ???? !!!xxxxxxx

  2. Blimeeeeee - that was one productive month!!!

  3. Did you have time in there for ordinary things like sleeping and eating? Wow, so much done in a month!

  4. I seriously have no idea how you are able to work on so many projects at once! Are they just strewn all over the house? That's what I picture happening here if I tried that!

  5. WOW! I can't imagine why you fell behind in the QAL!!! LOL! Nicky, that is an amazing amount of work...and beautifully done work I might add :) When do you sleep girl? I am certain I check your blog everyday, but somehow I missed that school house. I love it! WEll, I love everything....go take a nap!!!

  6. You have worked very hard this month SS and have a lot to show for it. I like the idea of a sleepover at FoQ.

  7. Lots of projects! great job! I am digging the Farmers wife blocks and the hexagons!

  8. You've been busy. Particularly like polo fruity!

  9. holy moly! do you ever sleep or eat or bathe? that is one busy month!

  10. Bloody hell!! ('Scuse the French!) How on earth have you managed all that in a month?!!! And how did I miss those wonderful school house blocks - inspired!! I can see I'm going to have to get my finger out and get some more sewing done!! Maybe by the end of September I'll be ready for a round-up post...maybe not!

  11. You put me to shame! Going to go have a last glass of pink wine on the island and hang my head in shame - between bites of food from the BBQ. :-))

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. You put me to shame! Going to go have a last glass of pink wine on the island and hang my head in shame - between bites of food from the BBQ. :-))

  14. Wonder how many glasses of pink wine Susan's already had?!!

  15. Wow you have been a busy bee, was great to meet you and find a lovely new blog to follow.

  16. Whoa! I'm tired just looking! Need your energy and creativity!

  17. Boy I think I am dizzy from all that creativity!
    Was all that for August, amazing.
    Great achievements.

  18. Your opening quilt is just gorgeous! and I can't believe how much you have gotten done in a month, all of it making me drool!


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