Wednesday 7 September 2011

Across the Sea QAL 2!

No name for this one yet but enough background fabric has arrived to make a start. This was fun to do yesterday while the wind has blowing and the rain came down.  

I came home after the school run and a bit of shopping but there was a flash of light and the power went off!  That put paid to my plan to make a start on the goody swap makes as I have now had some thoughts of what to make for one recipient!  One who has given me lots of clues.  The other one has not been so forthcoming so is testing my imagination a bit more!  

So I started cutting out the fabrics for my original Across The Sea QAL project - a baby quilt from the Dan Stiles Marine fabrics 

And this is how far I got

Yes the power came back on and I sewed away until school pick up time so I only need to put the rows together today.   And get on with those mugrugs....


  1. I love the blue background on this. Really works with the sea theme. Jxo

  2. Were you having a power surge too. You are doing well SS.

  3. My goodness you are miss speedy.
    I do love the blocks! The colours look fantastic together. I like the background too.

  4. I knew it would be great. Love it. Hope you are sewing you mug rugs as I send this! Don't tell me off, I will be sewing too - as soon as I am done my breakfast. Honest!

  5. I adore this! Great blocks and the blue background really makes it :)
    Looking good!

  6. Your quilt top looks great-- I see you opted for the dark blue background for it, and its a good choice. Very resourceful of you to do cutting when you lost power. I'm still catching up from being out of power from Hurricane Irene for 6 days-- that really put a damper on things!! Had to re-stock the whole refrig and freezer! It's rainy and windy here, too, (in New England) for the next few days (hopefully we won't lose power again!) Can't wait to see your Goodies and Mug Rug-- I'm hoping to work on partner 2's mug rug today.

  7. I really love this one, the ocean blue background is fantastic! You're sooo fast too, I cant believe it!

  8. It's looking great - can't believe you managed all that in one day! I love the way you've fussy cut/arranged the directional fabrics - lovely! Can't wait to see the rows altogether (and I saw the border yesterday - yummy!). Hope today is also a good sewing day!


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