Tuesday 27 September 2011

My dining room!

I have recently shown you all my mucky yucky sewing space - only mucky because I do not do enough tidying up and have too many projects on the go at once!

Today I am showing you my dining room as I want my partner-2-b in the Christmas Table Runner swap that Susan is hosting at Canadian Abroad to see where her creation will be!  I am so excited about this one because I get to make my partner a table runner - not made one of those yet - and I get something fabulous in return!

Here is my Flickr inspiration mosaic

As you can see I was totally smitten with the green sunburst quilt that Trudi had on her mosaic and could not get past the idea of snowflakes!  That was it!  Thanks Trudi!  I owe you one!

I know some of these blocks are complicated but I am not expecting my partner to make any of these blocks necessarily but just to be inspired by them!  Make it as simple or complex as you wish!

Here is a mini mock up of my Christmas table with white tablecloth, crystal glass, silver candlestick and a glass bauble...a taste of what it is like in the festive season as I could not quite get my boxes of Christmas decorations out of the cupboard under the stairs!  Needless to say there will be a lot more!

Also have not cooked a Christmas dinner so that is missing too!  My husband insists on goose with all the trimmings but that's allright because he does the cooking!  Lucky me!  Fortunately I am allowed to help with the eating!

Anyway apart from two very green walls there is not much colour going on.  I have thought about cranberry, ruby, purple, fuschia,  hot pink and all the colours in between to contrast with the green!  But I am handing the choice over to you Partner-2-B....I'd like Christmas with a twist so something close-ish to the traditional but not quite!

You may also see that we have taken our traditional dark oak furniture with us from our old house where it fitted the older style of that property better.  I have plans however to lighten the wood or perhaps even stain/paint it (but don't tell my husband yet -shhh!)  The light fittings are modern though and I like that mix!

Can't wait to see what you come up with ....though I think I am going to have to!

Oh and if you are mulling over joining in - shall I,  shan't I! -just do it!  I don't think you will be disappointed and you can email me during the stressy bits for support and encouragement if you have any!  But you do have to get on with it as the sign up closes on 2nd October here!


  1. I love the green walls - yum! Can't wait to see what your partner makes for you!

  2. Who loves snowflakes? Who?

    I'd love to make something with a good snowflake, but I'm worried it's going to just look like a big old splat. Will we be partners? Maybe :) You may wish you never added a snowflake to your mosaic!

  3. I love mixing old and new furniture - adds more character. Lovely inspiration mosaic. Jxo

  4. Those green walls are To Die For! I can't wait to own my own home and paint the walls green. Love the snowflakes, I cannot wait to see what your partner creates!

  5. Love the green walls. I can imagine at christmas that it looks spectacular. Great mood board too. My husband is strictly a magnolia man and I once painted one wall green when he was out and the next day had to paint it cream again. I was astounded when he let me paint my sewing room wall red.

  6. Yes! The green is fabulous! I really like the light fixture, too. Sorry I missed this before!


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