Friday 23 September 2011

The Backside of Across the Sea !

Well I had hoped on Wednesday evening to have caught up with the Across the Sea QAL but I made a mistake in putting my blocks together late at night.

Yesterday I thought about what I should do as it just wasn't working for me.

So instead of swapping my second and fourth block I changed up the frame around the fourth block from white to the Caribbean blue from the front.  I like it better now and that's all I'm doing as to keep up I need to get basting!

Here is a closeup of my newly framed block above and below is the teeny block which came out blurred on my photo the other day - I think this wee bird is so cute - just the right size!

This QAL is like a boulder rolling downhill - it started at a gentle pace but it seems like the pace is picking up faster and faster and soon I guess it will be over!

I will be sad about that as I have enjoyed it but I hope to have my quilt finished...

I do have my another quilt in this pattern to finish - my Fright Nite lap quilt!  I have a toothy border to go on it and am planning something different with the I guess I needn't be that sad after all....


  1. Inspired! It looks great! The pace does seem to be picking up - not long until you're due to finish!!

  2. Oh, I do like that change you made. Looks fabulous. I have done all the necessary things all morning and am about to turn my hand to sewing.

  3. Well done, get basting! Can't wait to see how you will quilt this lovely.

  4. Its great! I have a plain backing as I didnt feel like peicing the back (blush lazy me!) However I couldnt get a solid at my local quilt store to match my fabrics so before I knew it I have been sold and cut a large piece of calico which apparantly I am to die to colour! I feel another cop-out coming on and just popping the plain ole calico on, but then that would defeat all the hard work done on the front!
    I also have been avoiding basting, I have been ready for 3 week, bleugh, this boulder has run away and left me behind all puffed out!!!

  5. I love your backside Nicky ;)
    Looks great, that little bird is very cute - I also love the different coloured fabric around the submarine.

  6. Simple little change but it really has made a difference! Looking good Nicky :-)

  7. Nicky, I am mad jealous. Sigh. This QAL has picked up I agree! At least it feels that way. I am dragging my feet about the back...almost all cut...and still no motivation to just Finish It. I love your fabric choices and how they all go with the theme of Across the Sea. Such a great detail! Wish me luck, my goal is to finish the back this weekend!!!

  8. Oh I love the border it looks great! Can't wait to see all the quilts finished now :-)


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