Friday 2 September 2011

ok so I've started another new quilt!

After a flurry of name tagging activity on Tuesday I discovered that I didn't have any school shirts for my son - oops!  Fortunately a quick visit to town solved this problem and we were back on track for all three to attend school yesterday!

On Wednesday my son was on an induction programme which continues for the rest of week with team building exercises and a treasure hunt around the school grounds.  Proper school work doesn't start for him until Monday!

With all this activity there was again not much time for sewing - apart from more labels for the shirts and some trouser shortening.

Thanks for all your suggestions on baby quilts.  I will need to browse a few blogs to see the examples but I did get around to cutting out some wonky star blocks and stitching them together.

There is something about this block that messes a bit with my head.   Normally we spend so much time trying to get things right that it feels strange to deliberately be 'getting it wrong'!   I am guessing it gets easier the more blocks I do - at least that is what I'm hoping!

I did manage a few wrong things I was not supposed to do, like forgetting to trim off the excess - this way up it looks ok 

this way up not so good  had to trim off the excess with my scissors!

Never mind I have made a couple of blocks for Bee Blessed and these will wing their way to Ireland and I will persevere until I have enough for a baby quilt.  I may even manage a few more for Bee Blessed before I am done with this block.

As Judith suggested I am following this wonky star tutorial at The Silly BooDilly Blog except the squares are 4" not 4.5".

The setting for my little quilt will be the next thing to consider....but I will wait until I have a few more blocks to  play with.


  1. Cute wonky stars - they look great! (Yes, they do get easier!) More labels and some trouser shortening? Ugh! Hope you're done, at least for this term!! The treasure hunt sounds fun - much better than being issued with a really bad map and told to get on with it ;o) Hope they're all settling in ok?

  2. ooohhhh I love those wonky stars! That babushka fabric is gorgeous :)
    My son starts nursery school the last week of September, I've still to buy his jumpers and haven't begun sewing labels yet!!

  3. Aw thanks so much Nicky, these wonky stars are perfect. Thanks so much for persevering with them. I'll email you my add. Jxo

  4. Eloise told my about your blog this week- it's lovely!

  5. believe me, they do get easier! Even addictive. I love how they turned out, and the backside of that one doesn't look that bad - I've had more then a few where I've had to piece on some extra fabric as the piece I though was plenty big, just wasn't quite! Live and learn, I say.

  6. Lovely stars, I know what you mean about struggling with wonky! I am hoping to get a couple of these done this month for Bee Blessed.


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