Thursday 15 September 2011

Hockey and crochet go together...

Two hooked sticks - one my youngest daughter held in her hand during her first team game for her new school and woohoo! she scored the first goal of her match!    She was a mean tackler as well even though she was the smallest on the field!  Proud mother cheering on!

The other held by said mother during the previous match when daughter was not playing!  Between watching hockey (who forgot her scissors then) and waiting for eldest to do piano lesson I managed to get one granny square crocheted!  Not a very good result but today was not such a creatively productive day.

My one crochet square - and the others previously done...

Did get my kitchen floor washed, did show my lovely visiting friend Eloise all my quilts, Free Motion Embroidery, goodie swaps etc, did go to hockey match and piano lesson!  

Have to admit that I can't do everything but the best bit was that goal!  Glad I didn't miss that!


  1. Hockey matches - that gives me cold shivers and hot sweats all at the same time. I HATED hockey! I was useless too, but that's beside the point!
    Like the crochet - nice colours

  2. Some days it's all about others! You're a great mum! Jxo

  3. Much as we love quilting, it's those hockey goals that count.

  4. Well done to Clarissa. That makes me think of school many moons ago. My best friend was always put in goal and she was useless. If the ball went anywhere near her she used to run off!!! It was funny though. Housework always gets in the way of quilting. Love the granny squares.

  5. lovely granny squares!
    Well done to your daughter getting a goal! It's great you got to see it.
    Sounds like a busy day all up.

  6. Please pass on my congratulations - there's nothing like scoring a goal to make you happy but scoring in your first match is wonderful! Love the crochet - I'm amazed that in the midst of such a busy day you managed to finish a square!

  7. Hello Nicky,
    congratulations for your doughters success - pround mummy!!!
    And wonderful your grannys, next year I must make some too...
    Greetings from Germany

  8. Hard to cheer and crochet at the same time. Could do yourself an injury! Please play safe.

  9. Yay for the goal! Granny squares are so fun and colorful...I really need to learn to crochet ;) I spent a couple of days with my Eloise {my mom}!!!


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