Saturday 17 September 2011

Tidy up!

No not real tidying up as in housework!

What did you think I had gone mad?

I meant sorting out the few last issues on the goodie swap which has taken over my life for the past fortnight!  Or so it seems!

I made a little pouch to hold Patrner 1's necklace safely I hope and this is it!

So here is your package Partner 1 - hope you are happy!

Partner 2 I have done that bit of hand quilting now and as someone who has never quilted linen before I have to say it was a real pleasure!  All I've made for for has gone without a single hitch - you must be sending me good vibes!

And this is a little photo for Cindy who is going to get the beading bug - if she doesn't already have it!  These are the packets of silk thread I was mentioning to you and used on my partners necklace - one packet is open with the integrated wire needle on it!  How easy is that?  You just thread your beads on and knot on both sides if you want to hold the bead or group of beads in one particular place - anyone can do it!  They make quick pressies and they look good!  

Now I need to try out that fabric basket tutorial and catch up on all my other stuff that I have neglected in the meantime....lots to do!

But before that I need to say thanks to the lot of you who have been holding my hand, and mopping my brow through this swap process.  Biggest thanks to Helen who has practically lived this process with me and of course to Susan for the nudge, advice and support (she does that so well) and finally to Cindy our Mama Sheep!

So to sum up my first experience of Swaps  - nerve wracking? - yes!  Enjoyable? - not always!  Worth it? - most definitely!  Would I do it again?  

Just try and stop me!  


  1. I love the necklace pouch - the striped strip is wonderful and as for the owl, well, he's very handsome! The hand quilting you've done on MR#2 has made a subtle but lovely difference to the FME/applique - very clever! Oh, and it's been a pleasure to give you a little bit of support with your first swap - so glad you've enjoyed it (well, most of it!), roll on the next one!

  2. All so cute! Loving everything. Well done you xx

  3. Both packages are looking fabulous Nicky!

  4. Aww so nice to hear you've been enjoying it so much! I must say, you've done well, and partner 1 especially is going to be really lucky!

  5. I almost broke out in a rash at the mere mention of housework. All your swaps are wonderful and your swap partners are very lucky people. Keep up the good work. Poppy Treffry would be very proud of that machine quilting.

  6. Hello! I love your beautiful, happy and unique crafts!
    Wishes from Greece! Teje

  7. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself through this swap. I'd describe the process in exactly the same way :) I look forward to joining in another swap with you some time!

    I did head to the bead shop today, but couldn't get parking! There's some kind of festival on and town was PACKED. I'll run in over lunch some time this week. The photo is totally helpful! Might bring it with me :)

  8. Your welcome! Glad I got you hooked. ;-)


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