Sunday 11 September 2011

Mugrug reveal!

Tis completed mugrug number 1

Big owl theme going on in this swap it seems....and Hoo am I to deny a person their favourite birdy?  You should see my collection of glass bird paperweights in loads of different colours, shapes, manufacturers....but that's another story!

I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with this make.  Things have not gone smoothly partner and multiple changes have been made.  So that it why little Hoo is looking for a new home cos he thinks I'll start messing with him again!

Anyway here is the front...

And this is the back....

This little guy Hoo! needs a home...any takers?  He comes with a necklace and that's all at the moment...partner no 1 this is for you - hope you like it!

This is a very scary moment for me as I find myself very nervous...!  

Please be gentle but honest!


  1. That mug rug is gorgeous and the necklace is so pretty!

  2. So cute! Love the handquilting it really adds to it!

  3. Hey is absolutely lovely....have more confidence in your are you own worst critic!!! xxxx Love them both xxxx

  4. I don't see what the problem is. You have done a great job. Even the binding is perfect.
    Hoo told you it wasn't gorgeous?

  5. Oh Nicky, this is perfect. As is the necklace. I so wish it was for me and I know it isn't so I am going to go sulk in the corner now!

  6. I love it, love it, love it...but you already know that! I'm hoping that the other comments saying the same thing will boost your confidence and help you feel proud of it. And the necklace is gorgeous! Well done, your partner is very lucky!!

  7. Little Hoo is spectacular! The piecing is incredible and I can't believe it's a circle! Well done, you!

    Oh, the necklace will be loved, loved loved. You did a great job!

  8. The owl mug rug is gorgeous and the necklace came out beautiful!! Your partner will be thrilled. I'd love to see your collection of glass bird paperweights, too.

  9. Oh wow! Little hoo is FABULOUS! Really, its a gorgeous mugrug, so much thought gone in to it! I'm very impressed :-)

  10. Great idea to do a round MR. Hoo is adorable! Don't think you'll have too many probs rehoming him!! Jxo

  11. The colours look great together - I am sure that your partner will be very pleased!

    Pomona x

  12. Oh I make bead jewelery too. Your necklace is lovely and the owl mug rug is adorable!

  13. Super cute!
    Who could resist this???

  14. I just love your owl...he is a HOOT!!!

    Hee...have a good morning!


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