Sunday 18 September 2011

Post from Lynne!

If you have already visited Susan at Canadian Abroad you will know that she received a fantastic package from Lynne of Lilys Quilts in return for some photos at the Festival of Quilts!  Well I was there with Susan and I took photos too and I also got a package from Lynne yesterday!

I was anticipating a few little charms at best but was overwhelmed by Lynne's generosity!

Here is what she sent me!

Quite a variety including Sarah Fielke from little things, some adorable Ruby Star Rising, Cameras from Echino, Love by Amy Butler, Komachi Project by Cotton, and one other  - I love it, I've seen it but don't know what it is called... 2nd one down on the right!  Plus some Aurifil  thread to try out in green!

I have palpatations thinking about this booty!  Now I need to think of something to do justice to these lovelies....

..... it does need to be something special, nothing less will do....and as there is quite a lot of the heavier weight fabric I am thinking perhaps of making a bag from this book I have been waiting to use

unless you have a better idea, or course....I am listening?!!

Not only did I receive this fabulous gift but I also won in a giveaway thanks to two little furry creatures from Pomona's lovely blog Little Cottage Comforts.  The prize is this book.... 

So I may be coming to an organic location near you -you have been warned!

Better go and buy that lottery ticket as I seem to be living a charmed life!  


  1. You're getting really nice post at the moment! The parcel from Lynne is lovely - a bag is a fabulous idea! Enjoy your get away book - don't think there are any up here so I'm safe ;o) Good luck with the lottery!

  2. I have the Bag Making Bible. Best bag making book IMHO.
    Well done you.

  3. Love the fabrics! Can't wait to see what you make of them - and might even see you down our way on your peregrinations?!

    Pomona x

  4. Oh well done on your winnings! Enjoy! Jxo

  5. Jealous me?

    Actually I won this book also, so maybe we might meet up one day!!

  6. congrats nicky, lovely lovely fabric bounty! That really is a bag making bible, I'm sure you'll have great fun with it :-)

  7. Wow! You're a lucky girl :) I can't wait to see what you create.

    Oh, come on over to Organic Ireland. Oct is a great time to visit!

  8. No wonder Lynne doesn`t have any fabric - she has given it all away! Lucky you - it`s lovely and perfect for a bag!

  9. lovely parcels bringing you goodies!
    Your swap goodies look great. Watch out you know that swaps can be quite addictive......
    That bit of quilting looks just perfect.

  10. Wow, wow and wow! Wonderful fabric and amazing books. Get sewing woman, you have all you need at your finger tips.


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