Monday 19 September 2011

Google Reader Meltdown, my sewing space & other stuff!

My google reader has had enough of the build up of blog posts I haven't read while crafting my swap items!  It just deleted them all!  So apologies if I have not read recent or not so recent posts - it is beyond my control!

I thought I could trim my list of blogs I read to help me out - I joined lots in the beginning and have just not been reading them because they have little to do with what I am interested in now.  Google reader had different ideas as they all seem to be back again!

Sometimes I wish I understood technology more but realise that I'd have to spend a lot of time doing things I'm not remotely interested in, in order to be better at it, and I find I am not so bothered by it after all - I'd rather be sewing!

With that thought here is a wee morsel I cooked up on the sewing machine having seen all those lovely fabric baskets in the Goodie Swap.  The tutorial can be found here! and I have to say it's a good one - both in terms of ease of following instructions as well as in the resulting product!  I see lots of these in my future as I can use up lots of non-quilty fabric - large quantities of that as well in our house...I blame toy-making, costume making and other challenges in my past!  

I used some burgundy corduroy and some squares of Christmas fabric I had already cut up and only used batting/wadding on the cotton sections!

Big enough for 18 balls of cotton perle!  With lots of these I might just manage to tidy up my crafty space after all!  

Now talking about my crafty space some cheeky person (she will remain nameless unless she wishes to confess) suggested I show you what sort of space I do work in....Creativitity is not next to Godliness in my household - in other words it is most definitely NOT tidy!

Here you are and if in the slightest bit sqeamish please avert you eyes and scroll to the bottom....

I'd love to say these are old photos - which they are - and the room was all lovely and tidy now but to be honest this is about standard conditions - sometimes messier, rarely tidier unless someone is visiting as this is supposed to be the spare bedroom!

If you feel brave let me see your sewing space - Susan this must be a good time to display yours as I know you have just tidied up!


  1. Blogger is causing me to meltdown this morning along with a laptop that is about to die completely. Now that I have seen your space I don't feel so bad about mine. I shall go in there with my head held high now knowing I am not alone in a creative mess.

  2. HaHa! Thank you so much for showing me that. At least you can close the door on it all. That is about par with what I had to clear out of the dining room for this weekend. I NEED my own room!!

  3. Thanks for sharing - I'll try to remember to take some photos of my sewing room for a post! Sorry you're having problems with GR - the only thing I've noticed so far is that blogger is insisting on opening pop-up windows full size but I'll be on the look out for signs of a meltdown! Did you delete your blogs through the dashboard or on GR? Love the basket and I also love the 18 balls of perle!

  4. I think Blogger just has a mind of it's own and does things to make us all pull our hair out! I am so afraid to do much with it since I am sure I will mess everything up. Love the little handled tote...I have pinned it so I can remember the tutorial. And I sew in the kitchen - so I am forced to clean up. Plus I am so afraid someone will start calling me a fabric hoarder so I keep it out of plain view....I don't want to be accused of having too much fabric!!! LOL!

  5. I've got "after" pics on my blog, but I dont know that I could put "before" pics up... There is literally no room to move when I get going!

  6. I'm guessing has just been outed!! Cute basket! Jxo

  7. oh, I like your basket a whole lot! I'm a little addicted to these little guys :)

    Now get that Sew and Sow of yours in there and tidy up that sewing space :)

  8. I am just jealous you have a room you can call a sewing room.
    You don't need to be neat you are creative!

  9. Hmm I have a very similar room.
    I have just bought a wonderful cabinet from ikea called alex.

    Only problem is I need to tidy the clutter before I can get it out of the hall!

  10. Oh dear!!! I was telling you to do this and then I missed the post! I am so sorry. YOu have outdone yourself, you have more projects in the works then I had dreamed possible!!! This is what my sewing space would look like except that it is too small and I would trip on things trying to do anything so I have to pick up a touch more (but not much!!).

  11. Aaah, that's better, I feel happier now I've seen this in comparison to Helen's! You can not tidy the creative mind in my very humble opinion! Well, that's my excuse anyway!

  12. Cute little basket! I enjoyed seeing your sewing space!


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