Monday 5 September 2011

Baby love!

As you know I have started a new project called Twinkle! with wonky stars as a baby quilt.  The recipient is a teeny gorgeous baby with the cutest button nose and I got to hold her today at church this morning!  Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!  Am I broody or what?  She gurgled her way through the service so I ended up listening to her....

I have to say I had to restrain myself from running off with her but her dad is a policeman and the grandparents do know where I live!  Her mum is a nurse and I think she couldn't really have nicer parents - lucky wee girl!

So for her benefit I cut out some more fabric - I thought enough for 16 blocks in total but miscalculated.  Only half the number of yellow pointy bits have been cut out...

But as I have discovered some other yellow fabrics to give the blocks a pleasant scrappy look I am quite happy not to be finished.  Better get back to the cutting then....

I am also looking forward to seeing the border in the Across the Sea QAL today!  

My Fright Nite border will be toothy to go with my scary theme of course but I may yet be starting a boy baby quilt with the Dan Stiles fabrics and Caribbean Blue - here is a reminder of what it all looks like....

I have found a supply for my background fabric now - though I haven't got a boy baby to give it to ....yet!  But two other baby girls need quilts....where have all the boys gone?


  1. That's going to be a lovely baby quilt. Jxo

  2. I love those yellows and oranges you have picked to go with your fabrics. Number two Across the Seas is going to be a stunner. Number one is great, but number two I am going to fall in love with before you have even started cutting.

  3. Does it have to be a boy? Just cos its got blue in it? I think its gonna be gorgeous, and any small child will be more than happy to snuggle in it :-)

  4. Oh, that's going to be a very sweet baby girl quilt! Scrappy yellows sound good to me too.

  5. the stars are going to be gorgeous. Nothing wrong with scrappy!
    I love those sea fabrics more and more each time you show them. they are gorgeous.

  6. The quilt is going to be lovely! And yellow gingham is always so soft and sweet!

  7. All we seem to get in our family/friends is boys. My niece had a girl in February which is the first in the family for 20 odd years. I love the blue/orange fabric. I think that could be for a boy or a girl.

  8. Those stars are looking lovely (and you've definitely got the hang of them!) - I love the dot background fabric, do you know what it is? The QAL blue quilt is already looking fabulous and you haven't made any blocks! (Oh, and it could definitely be given to a baby girl!!)

  9. Your work rate is astonishing! I still have not finished my daughter's quilt - all the while we have B&Bs I don't have access to a big enough piece of floor!

    Pomona x


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