Wednesday 21 September 2011

Parcel arrived from the US!

No it's not a mugrug and goodie come early as I wouldn't be able to show you that!

I bought this little package online here! as I had seen someone make the cutest little labels to add to their gifts and goodies by stamping these cute motifs on some twill tape and stitching them in!  

Needless to say I had to have them!

I also loved this.....  

How could I resist as my youngest was ' le petit chaperon rouge ' (Lil' Red Riding Hood to you and me!) in a play at her old school in French!  She loved it, so this will serve me as a reminder!  

I made the costume of course - I had given it to her for Christmas some years back but capes fit for a long time don't they!

So playing around with some fabric scraps I have made this version of not so little Red!

Didn't quite get the writing in the right place as you can see by my pencil marks, but I guess that will wash out.

Now where did I see some gorgeous LRRH Japanese fabric - may have to get some now...if only to finish this off appropriately. 

Maybe this could be the first of the fairy tale series - which is your favourite fairy tale and why?  

We loved telling our children about the three billy goats Gruff, but mine was possibly Hansel & Gretel (loved the idea of the gingerbread house) or for the chill factor it would have to be Bluebeard!

Fairy tales are one of my favourite things I have realised this week and so I am linking this post and my wee picture of Little Red to Favourite Things Friday at Quilting in My Pyjamas!


  1. OMG Nicky! That is so cute and incredibly well done. I would say you have found your niche but you do everything else well too so it would be difficult to pigeon hole you.

    I loved the Snow Queen. That was the one I returned to again and again.

  2. That little red riding hood is just divine!!! You are really embracing the embroidery. It is just adorable.
    I loved Hansel and Gretel!

  3. You see SS I am not alone in thinking that you have found your niche. The stitching is beautiful and I shall look forward to seeing the whole collection. My favourite has to be Cinderella because a girl has to dream that the handsome prince is real and good triumphs over evil.

  4. Cute.
    Have you seen memi and the rainbow blog?
    If not go and look, its really sweet.


  5. I dont actually remember one specific favourite, though I loved, and still do, the Grimm brothers at their most gruesome :-) There was one about a bird, a mouse, and a sausage that involved at some point the mouse falling into a boiling pan of soup and the sausage falling into a frying pan... lol

  6. Wow, it's great! My favourite was the Billy Goats Gruff but I also loved Chicken Licken - I was the sort of child that noticed if someone missed out a word in my bedtime story, no skipping pages for my parents ;o)

  7. Total sweetness!! I love all your stamps-- esp. little red riding hood and I love the collage you made as well. Don't think I have a favorite fairy tale-- we haven't actually read the Grimm's fairy tales to our kids-- mostly picturebooks. But there are many funny references to them in the Shrek movies. I believe you are off on a new tangent! Great idea!

  8. Very cute stamps. You're red riding hood is gorgeous :)
    We're reading Alice in Wonderland, not quite ready for Grimm's yet!

  9. Love all of this, your free machining is so good considering you've only just started, imagine what you will be capable of with a little practice (as if you need it lol)

    Ive been struggling to find stamps small enough for my twill tape. I particually want a strawberry so will check that link out! Thanks!

  10. Nicky! THis is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love it! The writing is fantastic and that is so difficult to do so small....I love it!

  11. The stamps are wonderful! And Cinderella - I identify with her from the housework point of view ...

    Pomona x

  12. Your Little Red Riding Hood- that is the stuff fond memories are made of.

  13. Oh, how fun! That is just adorable. Favorite fairytale? Probably Cinderella or the three bears. It's been a while!

  14. I love that Little Red Riding Hood you made. She is adorable!

    I loved Hansel and Gretel too (mainly because of the Gingerbread house ) and I was rather partial to Rumplestiltskin as well. There was something about spinning straw to Gold that appealed to my greedy nature even as a child

    Fairy Tales are actually often quite blood thirsty in among all that moral learning and lesson telling!

  15. Love those stamps, I'm going to have to pop on over to the site and check them out.
    Your LRRH is adorable, so very cute and I love the writing above it.

  16. Very cute stamps and I love your little red riding hood....gorgeous. I loved the dancing princess...the ones that snuck out and wore out there shoes each night.

  17. How fabulous! Love your Little Red Riding Hood. Favorite fairytale? Hmmm...Snow White & Rose Red. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! ☺

  18. Very very cute...looks like Little Miss Shy with a hood!

  19. Love your Little Red! Very cute and very fun. The fairy tale I remember the most from childhood is Bill Goat Gruff.

  20. LRRH is gorgeous! My favourite story was the one about the mother goat and the wolf that ate all her babies. She opened him up and replaced the babies with rocks and sewed him back up...all while he was asleep! Being a child was special wasn't it :-)


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