Monday 26 September 2011

Opening ceremony!

I was lucky enough to be Emily's partner in the recent Goodie Swap and these gorgeous items are what she sent me.  Am I happy ?  No I am ****** delighted, over the moon and grinning with joy - I am the cat with the cream!

I went over to my friend's house as she has been watching me make things for this swap and I opened my parcel over a good cup of tea!  I was secretly hoping that Emily was making gifts for me - I thought right colours check, the letter N check but then realised there are two other Ns involved in this swap - so sorry Naomi and Natalie - I was hoping you were not getting these little treasures!

The letter needlebook particularly stole my heart as soon as I saw it on Flickr - the detail is delightfull - check out that cute little stamp with pinked edges!  

The pincushion is adorable - a bug, rabbits and birds - such cuteness! 

Then the mug rug a zesty treat!
I love the colours, the textures and the quilting - I marvel at those straight lines Emily!  
Then the back is all plushy greeness or greeny plushness or possibly both! 
Totally gorgeous and I am so happy!

You may like the photos but they just do not do justice to any of the actual items!  I'm lost for words believe me...! 

Thank you Emily I cannot say how happy I am as I have been coveting these items since I saw them on flickr!  Sorry you others, you can't have these - they are mine!  All mine!  Hahaha! 

 And BTW thanks for the hot chocolate and choc they will go down very nicely - already had to defend them from my brood!


  1. Holy { }. I saw that needlecase and had to come Right Over Here to drool. Nicky, these are fantastic. What an absolutely stunning gift. Does Emily a blog? I'd love to pop in and have a look around!

  2. Super cute! You are one lucky lady!

  3. how wonderful. I would be as over the moon as you are too.
    Super lovely gifts.
    Have yours been received yet?

  4. Lovely swap parcel :-) Love the wee envelope needlecase!

  5. What a fabulous swap parcel - you lucky thing! Wonder when the next one will arrive?!!

  6. Congrats on your wonderful swap goodies!! Enjoy!!

  7. Yay! Lovely goodies..they are gorgeous!

  8. So pleased you got this lot. You deserve it and next time I see you can you bring that needle book. I loved it as soon as I saw too!

  9. Gorgeous pressies! I love the pincushion, bugs are a big favourite in our house :)

  10. What a lucky girl! I love the needle case so clever!

  11. Super! I love this batch of goodies - they found their way to a great home. Enjoy them :)


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