Saturday 10 September 2011

Visit to the Bead Shop - Giraffe Gems

I sneaked off on Thursday to a great bead shop, Giraffe Gems, as I thought I'd make a bead necklace for my partner in the goodie swap.

I chose the colours my partner likes.

They will also go with the mugrug I am making! 

Here is a photo of a gorgeous rainbow of colours in bead form...

And here is one of the owners, who always finds the time to discuss your project with you and enjoys seeing what you have made.  She will show you the skills you need to work at your own projects though the shop runs courses if you want them...

I love coming here....

And this is what she was working on....

After I got home I realised I talked and shopped too much and hardly took any photos but you will have to believe me when I say this is a top craft shop.  The owners know so much and willingly share their knowledge.  They sell lovely beads - I have never left without buying lots - and their stock is always being updated. They also teach children and do parties - what more could I ask?  

And now it is 10 minutes away from my children's school!  

Guess what?  I think I will be visiting quite often...

What do you look for in you local craft shop be it patchwork or something else?


  1. That looks and sounds like a wonderful shop! If it was 10 min from my kids' school I'd be visiting lots! I like small, friendly businesses and try to support them, but sadly, they are becoming fewer and far between. A wonderful little quilt shop about an hour from my home sadly closed its doors this spring. I do confess to shopping for fabric on-line and using my 40% off coupons at Joann's for expensive items as well. But I adore my LQSs for their friendliness and support. The bead display is gorgeous! You're very thoughtful-- your partner is ver lucky to get a necklace from you! Have a great weekend!

  2. I don't look for anything because I haven't got one. Ten minutes from my kids' schools is the sea and I've yet to spot a craft shop out there bobbing up and down ;)

  3. What a great shop - I love the rainbow of beads!! I like friendly (and good!) service in a local craft shop with assistants who can help with questions and also help pull out fabric (or whatever) that will work with what I'm doing. I don't just want to whip in and out and on to the next shop, I want a cosy atmosphere where customers chat to each other and share ideas! I'm lucky enough to have a LQS and support it as much as I can.

  4. I'd love this shop! I am totally interested in beaded jewelery. I bought a book once to learn, but it never took off. A shop with classes would be perfect for me.

    PS: I thought I was a follower, but apparently I wasn't. I'm going to coast through a ton of posts to catch up :)


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