Thursday 8 September 2011

Bordering on ....across the sea!

After quickly stitching up the rows of the Across the Sea QAL quilt - bit of a mouthful I know - I thought I may as well stich up the borders.

The pieced borders were easy to do as I had cut out most of the pieces already!  But then I thought how nice to take advantage of the Dan Stiles fabric design I am using as the main focus of my quilt.  The design pattern seems to go in horizontal lines - what better for my top and bottom border. I chose one design  which I had had to chop up short in my blocks and features kissing whales!  Awwww!

So here it is quilt top done

Still a bit windy today!  But I do like quilts blowing about in my photos....

I am not adding the second border as I haven't got the fabric and I don't think it needs it - kissing whales are surely enough!  But I will need a cool binding so I will need to think about that.

And as it was sunny at lunchtime I got two baby quilt tops dancing on the line - pity I don't have a baby myself!

I love them both and do not know how I am going to give them up - even for a cute baby...?  Sorry no I don't get the baby in exchange - didn't mean to suggest that!  Tempting though....!  Heehee!


  1. These are fab Nicky, your kissing whales are perfect. I got your wonky stars yesterday. Thanks so much, they're brilliant. Jxo

  2. They both look so beautiful hanging up on the line! The kissing whales is a great idea! Looking forward to seeing what you do for binding.

  3. The kissing whales are such a good idea - they look fabulous as a border! The two quilts look wonderful side by side and I'm looking forward to seeing them quilted. How about a stripe or a spot for binding the whale quilt?

  4. Great quilts Nicky! Lucky baby!

  5. No way i would take the baby, no matter how cute lol.
    They look fantastic!
    The fussy cut border looks superb.
    I am sure they will treasure these gifts.

  6. You've certainly done a fantastic amount of sewing! QAL 2 has turned out really lovely, and the pair of them on the line looks great!

  7. I love the whales in the border. Very cute!

  8. YES YES YES!! The quilt looks brilliant and I agree that border is true magic!
    Two lovely quilts!
    Inspired and going straight to my machine :)

  9. Love them both!

    Great border for the across the sea quilt. Those kissing whales are so sweet.

  10. The whales are adorable and I love your Twinkle quilt top too!

  11. The whales are sooo cute :) I think it does not need another border. Looks great!

  12. Across the sea is fab, that sashing colour is just perfect for it.

  13. Those are both very lovely. I like the blustery day pictures, they are fun! :) It looks like you have a lot of fun stuff going on over here. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.


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