Monday 12 September 2011

Mug Rug No 2!

I love this idea I picked up from you....

Colour - definitely my thing!  On one side!

Something else on the other ....I warned you I would be going experimental!

This is something I have not done before.

It is not even my design - but something on your blog started me off and then the gorgeous pictures of Angie Lewin sort of took over.....

Do you like?  Cos if you don't absolutely love it, it will not be leaving this house!



  1. Well I love it. It's a bit like some fabric I have - Beyond the sea I think. So it MUST be mine!

  2. aww Nickey you're making me laugh so much with this. I think its lovely :-) but I'm hugely tempted to tell you I dont like it, cos I get the impression you just dont want to let this one go! And I do get that :-)

  3. I do love it! The embroidery is so clever - is there no end to your skills?

    Pomona x

  4. I think it's great (but I'm not your partner...) - you have been busy today! Are you sure you can part with it?!

  5. I like it a whole lot! Send it this way, please!

  6. Nicky - this is great! Love, love the colours and the experimental sewing. Fantastic!!!

  7. Ooo I love it, but sadly it's not for me, since I'm not doing a swap :) love the sketching, and the grass is very cool too x

  8. Yeah Nicky. You've done it again. Another fabulous two sided quilt!

  9. Both sides are wonderful! I love the bright colors and I love the embroidered flowers. Awesome job!


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