Saturday 3 September 2011

Fright Nite - the Sequel!

More background fabric arrived from Mandy at Simply Solids - more of that blood curdling Kona Ruby Red.

So I have been finishing off the rest of my greek cross blocks in the Across the Sea Quiltalong.  Not without a hiccup or two as I blithely joined all my centre squares to a background square....and even started adding a few background squares to the other side before I noticed I'd gone wrong!  Aggh!  

Unpick 16 squares - engage brain and try again.  Still managed to get some directional fabrics for the arms of the cross upside down so more unpicking required.   

Finally before the school run all 20 blocks were completed!  As you can see....

Here are some of my favourite blocks

Why did I buy a metre of that fabric with hands on it?  No idea but it is creepy enough to fit in this quilt.  

All this fabric is from stash apart from the Kona ruby red! I still have quite a bit of Hallowe'en fabric left so if you know of any other Hallowe'en makes be sure to let me know and if you can put a link in with your comment!


  1. It's looking great - will have a think about Halloween makes, the only thing that leaps to mind at the moment is a 'Fright Night' bunting like Lynne's MBS Christmas bunting but scary!

  2. wow you're racing along with the frite nite quilt :-)

  3. Fabulously spooky !!! xxxxxx

  4. Looking good! I love the pumpkins and ghosts :)
    Those hands are freaky!!

  5. Ohhhhhh!!!! Love the halloween fun! The Blood Red is the perfect background color! So scary! I have a Halloween quilt I made when the girls were little. I still put it up on my front door every October! Love the Scary Nicky signature!

  6. Well 'Nicky Potter' looks like the school run hasn't inpeded your progress. I love it!

  7. Fright Night is looking fantastic. Love the red background.

  8. Well done for persevering! And your name logo is suitably scarry! Jxo

    P.s. don't forget to post your wonky star block pics in the Bee Blessed flickr group.

  9. When I was in Torquay the patchwork shop there had halloween fabric that glowed in the dark. How spooky that would be. Wished I had bought some for the hell of it.
    Looking good SS.

  10. Gorgeous background colour and love your signature

  11. This is brill, what spookiness do you have planned for the back? (still think you should get those teeth in somewhere!) x


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