Friday 30 September 2011

It's Friday !

I guess my favourite thing today is finding out that I love swapping!

Especially when I get goodies like these:

Made especially for me by the lovely Emily at The strawberry patch!

But it is not only the goodies that are brilliant it is also getting to know everyone involved in the swap - I had to stalk my two partners secretly and I feel I want to get to know them better (hope they do too when they get what I made them!)
I certainly want to keep in touch with Emily!

 I also was inspired to try out some new things:

Free Motion Applique and/or Embroidery - love making little pictures and my first was this one here made for my swap partner

Zips in pouches - had put off doing this for a long time and thanks to Kat's no nonsense tutorial here! I am not frightened of zips!

And although I didn't send this off I also made a fabric basket from one of the tutorials recommended by the swappers

And finally I have learnt to use Flickr more during the swap by commenting on the swap items being made.  I used to think it a poor alternative to Blogging but I see it has it's place.

Now big thank yous need to go to Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting who hosted this great swap - looking forward to round 2 - but not quite yet!

Susan at Canadian Abroad who nudged me into it....I didn't go quietly!

And all those lovely people who said kind things about what I was making but especially Susan and Helen at Archie the Wonderdog!  How would I have coped without them!

Roll on the next batch - yes not just one - but four swaps!  We have been assigned partners for the Scrappy Swap hosted by Kat on flickr here! - so I am off to do a bit of stalking...just need to get my tweeds on and you may see me in the hills coming up downwind of you though of course I'll be trying to sneak around unnoticed!  Shhhh!

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  1. Happy FTF. Those are fabulous goodies. Thank you for sharing the zipper link. I picked up a copy of Some Kind of Wonderful and am itching to make the coin purse....with a zip and I've not made one before, so the tutorial will really come in handy. Have fun with your new swaps.

  2. You're definitely hooked...let me know if (when!) you need an intervention ;o)

  3. Such fun things in your swap package! Love the little orange quilt. And your free motion embroidery/stitching piece turned out wonderfully! The flowers are so whimsical. Thank you for sharing all your fun projects with us.

  4. Oh, come on now! You knew long before today that you were hooked on swaps :)

    I am so glad you are happy. Emily makes beautiful things. You're lucky to have a bit in your home.

    The swap was so fab because of lovely people like yourself. Thanks so much for jumpin in, contributing and making it a great place for all involved.

  5. You make me laugh! And you make beautiful things and the swapping world was waiting for you with open arms. Woohoo! Bring on the next one.

  6. She nudged me into it too! Lovely goodies received but also made!! Totally agree with you about flikr.

  7. hahahahaha sneaky sneaky!! You made me laugh. Lovely swap items and some great makes. Well done!

  8. I've just garnered the courage to do my very first swap. You are doing four so I may well be emailing you for advice.

    Your Free Motion Applique and/or Embroidery project is utterly utterly gorgeous.

    I love getting mail so this first swap may not be my last . I can see why you have this down as a Favourite!

  9. Nice favourite! And oh boy 4! I thought I was bad... Currently 3 but close to giving in resisting miss Susan's.... That would take me to 4 as well eeek!
    Lovely swap items!

  10. Oh, I've never been game enough to try a swap.

  11. Looks like a fun swap! I really like the zip pouch and the mini you made. The free motion stitching looks great!

  12. Oh no! now you will definitely by hooked on swapping! Getting goodies is even more addictive than joining swaps. Your parcel is gorgeous.

  13. so you got the awesome little 'envelope' needlecase! Lovely goodies!


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