Saturday 24 September 2011

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....

Getting ready for Susan's Christmas runner plus goody swap and playing around with machine applique again....

This is what inspired me....

Result - a little wintry scene with trees, North Pole and a little deer running past....

With this method of applique and quilting at the same time the back gets a bit messy....but it is a lot quicker, and puffier!  But a bit more time may have made it look better! 

In the book the sign writing was in pen!  The wimps! Mine was with the machine and a little bit on the teeny side but hey didn't know I could....till I tried!

What has surprised you?  What have you done that you thought was impossible but you triumphed over in the end?

My list includes:

Jumping on horseback - only little jumps still and sometimes with Thelwell looking results!
Machine Applique and Embroidery - just beginning but such fun
Blogging - massive learning curve but loving every minute - thanks peeps that's down to you lot out there
Swapping - Susan and Helen got me in to and out of my first 
Going to the Festival of Quilts - thanks Susan, wouldn't have gone without you and it was such fun!

.....more challenges to come, I'm sure!

Go forth and do something that scares, unnerves you - but keep it legal ok?

PS With thanks to Hadley for satisfying my curiosity and for any nosy crittters like me here is the bookshelf where this photo shoot took place....


  1. Great post! I love your list of triumphs - I'm going to have a think! It sounds like me and Susan coerced you into joining and then mounted a rescue mission ;o) Your Christmas scene is amazing and well done on the free machine writing - wow!! If you don't want the stitches to show through the back (which I think looks great) you could use a compressed wadding and do the applique/quilting through the top two layers and then put a back on and add some quilting through all three layers. Have a great day - you're on such a roll with the FME, can't wait to see what you make next!!

  2. Great list of triumphs. Most days I am just happy to get through the day with my sanity intact! Major triumph that!

  3. What a cute MR! A lovely Christmassy scene. It still amazes me how early us quilters get into Christmas! My Christmas class is nearly fully booked!! Jxo

  4. Oh wow, you're practicing already?! You'll have a few dozen of them by posting day!

  5. Bah Humbug! Christmas starts on about 15th December surrounded in panic!!!!!!

  6. That writing is fab! can't believe you've started on Chrimble things're making the rest of us look bad (except for Susan who's already thinking about it too!)

  7. Love it! I am so impressed and amazed - Nicky! Everything you do is so fantastic!

  8. I made a Christmas wall hanging from that book but I hand sewed all the pieces in place plus signs..... It took me forever but I do love it. I gave in and machine quilted the scene although I hand sewed on some little seed beads to make the snow sparkle. Seeing your little scene I'm wondering if I should try machine appliqueing another scene...... Maybe an ice-cream house!

  9. I'm not ready yet! Not ready for Christmas or our table runner swap :) Today is mosaic day to find inspiraiton. You're well ahead of me, but clearly you're on a fab path. I love your 'rug!

  10. I love your Christmas scene-- it's darling!! Nice work-- esp. the tiny lettering on the sign. You have a great list of accomplishments to be proud of!!

  11. I love your little winter scene, id be so happy to receive it in the swap. And Im really pleased you've joined in my christmas charm swap, so you'll have lots of different festive fabrics perfect for applique soon.
    I too went to the FOQ for the first time this year, set out at 7am for a rather long drive but it was so worth it!

  12. Nicky Christmas is my Favorite Time of Year so when I saw the title of your post I had pop right over to visit. I love your reindeer, and the tree made with DS fabrics? Mmm yum! Great job with the FME, come teach me a bit, yes? I am now off to tackle a major project in my closet whilst contemplating my recent triumphs...will get back to you...

  13. So cute, I've been hiding from all the Christmas things that are out there already but this is really sweet and that writing looks brilliant to me!
    My triumph was labour - twice!!


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