Monday 12 September 2011

How to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon!

What did I relish so much that I just needed to tell you about?

Was it the huge pile of laundry?  You have to be joking

Was it reading all the lovely comments you dear kind people left me about little Hoo!  

Well that was certainly part of it and I thank you for giving me such confidence and for setting me up beautifully for a little bit of sewing play using this tutorial I found at Kat's blog Diary of a flutter.kat - a mumma's time to create!  

This is what I made  - a prototype lined zippered pouch!  I love it and beginning to end only took an afternoon!

Someone might be getting one of these in the goodie swap! Any takers?  

I thought it might do to transport a necklace safely ....?  Eh partner one?

Partner two I haven't forgotten you - just started your mugrug

Here is a photo of how far I have got....

The question is do I leave it a rectangle and use that grey stripe for some embroidery/quilting fun or do I trim and restitch into a square??

The other side will be very different not at all what you asked for but it is inspired by something on your blog....

You can choose which side you use!  But I have to finish and send it first!


  1. SQUARE it !! Love the purse !!! xxxxxxYou busy bee xxxxxx

  2. Your purses are fab! I like the MR the way it is. Jxo

  3. Rectangle and stitchery! Most definitely. Great purse I will have to tell Kat that this is the second person who has used her tutuorial that I have seen mentioning it this weekend. She will be thrilled! Well done you.

  4. Love the pouch - perfect for transporting a necklace! I like the MR as it is - an embroidered grey strip would be perfect for lining up biscuits ;o)

  5. I like the rectangle, it's a little different. Love the coloured stripes.
    Well done on the purse, the zip part is a little scary for me!

  6. Love your zippered pouches!! I vote for rectangle and embroidery on the mug rug.

  7. Great days sewing! The zipper pouch is great (I'll need to try that tute!) and I love the MR as it is, just have some fun quilting it :-)

  8. What a fun pouch! Love the fabrics you picked. I have always been somewhat intimidated by zippers but this project looks like so much fun. I can't believe all the projects you manage to complete so quickly!


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