Friday 16 September 2011

Mug rug & goodie 2!

Partner 2 - I have good news! - I have now 'finished' your mug rug and goodie!

Really enjoyed making these and learnt new skills - how to make a zippered purse and my new obsession Free Motion Embroidery!

Hope you like both of these but if you don't they really can stay here.....just let me know!  These are so up my alley they feel like home!

Here is the finished mugrug, front, inspired by the pictures of Angie Lewin - love, love, love her artwork.  

and the more boring back

Here is your goodie, front  - the rotary cutter is to hide a bit that's too personal to you! 

and back...

and inside....

The two items are quite different but on the mugrug back and inside the pouch I have used the same fabric.   I thought it would link the two and also went with both items.

One question people - at the moment the mugrug is not quilted.  Cotton perle would be too thick for this but normal hand quilting is a possibility.  I could just outline the flower heads and the outside edge to give a bit more definition but I feel in this case that less is more!  What are your thoughts - I need to hear them!??


  1. Nicky - your partner 2 goodies are lovely - great job! Perle cotton hand stitching sounds good.

  2. I love your mugrug! Do you have Angie Lewin's book?? If so, any comments?
    It's on my Amazon wish list

  3. Aren't you a clever thing.
    Both gifts are beautiful. I would probably do some quilting around the flowers. You did such a great job on the owl one.

  4. Another fantastic mugrug!!! Very cute - your partner will love it!

  5. I love the mug rug and pouch - perfect! From an aesthetic point of view I don't think the MR needs any quilting but if you feel it would make it more stable for washing, etc. (and it also depends on the wadding and size of MR) then a little bit of hand quilting with piecing cotton would be nice (and would tie all three layers together) but it doesn't need anything too detailed as it would detract from your beautiful FME...

  6. You have outdone yourself, Nicky. So impressed with your abilities. I would keep the hand quilting very light so as not to take away from the FME. You wouldn't want to lose any of that detail.

  7. Wow! Susan (just above me there) said exactly what I was thinking. Partner 2 will be so pleased to get your package in the post!

  8. I thought it was quilted already! You can do fmq (sketching) through wadding too, which kills 2 birds with one stone! Jxo


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