Tuesday 27 September 2011

Meet Tilly & George!

Another reason for visiting my friend on Monday was to see the new addition to her family! Meet Tilly and George

My camera strap was just irresistible...to Tilly  

It was even worse for George!

I really think Emily's goodies match George so well - don't you think!?  Sadly Eloise didn't let me take him home with me!   And I thought she was my friend???!  Well friendship only goes so far - I don't blame her as these two are just adorable!


  1. if only i could be sure that Elliecat wouldnt beat the crap out of another, smaller kitty, I'd get me a wee george definitely! Such a wee cutite!

  2. generally, I'm not a cat person, but those two are just adorable and irresistable!

  3. Tilly is gorgeous! So is George but I am leaning towards preferring Tilly. My two girls would go mad for them!

  4. How adorable, I am afraid I would have had a bulging handbag with two little kitties in it when I left!
    They are so sweet. I have a soft spot for tortoiseshells and gingers....

  5. Hi Nicky, just visiting via FSD and had to click on the kitty link, adorable.


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