Wednesday 31 August 2011

I don't love sewing....., I love sewing....!

Strange title for me I know but my attitude to sewing does depend on what it is I'm sewing...

This will show you what I was doing lots of yesterday eugh - 

Just a small sample of the very large heap I had to label for school - left to the last minute as usual.  Instead of hand sewing them on I stitched them in the seam by machine - much quicker and saves my fingers for some of this hand stitching....mmmm!

I now have ten holes on the Polo Fruity Hexagon quilt covered in a variety of non matching bright fabrics!  Sounds quite good until I tell you there are 49 to do so 39 left!

And to finish up it seems like I have two quilts to make for baby girls - my across the sea one may not do for either though I still want to make it...

Any suggestions?   

I have a fair bit of matroyshka fabric left after another project and thought they would be cute as the centres for some wonky stars blocks - then I could also get my Bee Blessed blocks done at the same time.

But what should I do for the other one - must be quite a quick project and I could  then give mum no 1 a choice.....for her delightful baby with the cutest button nose you ever saw!  2nd baby hasn't arrived yet!

Waiting eagerly for all your suggestions and I have just read Helen's latest post here! - did she read my mind or what!???  Still, let me now what your go to baby quilt pattern is....if you have one!


  1. Your fruity centres are looking great! As far as baby quilts go, if you have lovely fabrics then keep the pattern simple. Stacked coins or log cabin are great staples. And backed with minky or fleece makes them super snuggly. Jxo

  2. I just did 5.5in squares and handquilted - not really up to your standards of complexity, I know - but quick and easy (blogged on 27 April this year! Name tapes - I sewed on about 500 (I may be exaggerating) by hand for Princess Bunchy to go to hellish holiday camp, and she returned in the same clothes that she had departed in - most of it had stayed in the bag all week. There was not a lot of showering, either.

    Pomona x

  3. Am loving those polo fruity hexagons! The centres look great. They are just perfect.
    Your matroyshka stash is gorgeous. The wonky stars sound perfect.
    what about a four inch block say bordered with a contrast fabric? (like my blue and red dutch toppers)

  4. That pile of clothes is ridiculous - hope the sewing fairy visited over night?! The centres of your fruit polos look amazing - love them! I also love the matroyshka fabric - can you remember where you got it from?! Thanks for the mention! How about mixing strips of the dolls with squares of the others plus fussy cut appliqued pieces of the bigger dolls. Or square in a square (either straight or on point) to showcase that gorgeous fabric! Will have a think this afternoon in case any other ideas strike!

  5. Your fruit polos are so fun! I adore the matroyshka fabric...they will make such cute quilts. I have made several baby quilts to be gifted. I usually do either the Denyse Schmidt "Sleep" quilt or sometimes a fun, swirly pinwheel quilt!


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