Monday 22 August 2011

Delft Dreams blocks completed!

Overjoyed I am as the Delft Dreams blocks are now completed and joined together!  The blocks are all hand sewn - well except for a few straight seams I did recently on the machine to speed up the process - and I put the top together by machine yesterday in a fairly random layout...

This is my only blue and white quilt - usually I go for more colour but the pattern carries it well as my hubby pointed out last night when I asked him what he thought - I'll make a quilt critic of him yet!  

This one has been on the go since October 2009 when I did a workshop with Margaret Hughes at the Quilt Room in Dorking.  Her original quilt was 36 blocks. 

I have only done 25 but I think that is enough for a small quilt.  I am thinking of  adding a 4-patch border to extend it a little!

What do you think - extend or finish at 51" square?


  1. Would a pieced border take away from this quilt, as I do love the blocks and how they stand out right now. I would stick to it as it is.

  2. Love it as is! It is just gorgeous. Breathtaking.
    Well done!

  3. I would leave it, the blocks are gorgeous!

  4. I would just leave it as it is fantastic! Again! I love it!

  5. That depends on what you decide to use it for. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Love, Kristin

  6. Great job! I think an understated border to finish would be lovely. Jxo

  7. It's lovely - so light and fresh! How about a white spacer border before the 4 patches so the border doesn't detract from the centre? Or maybe a white border then a round of floating blue squares (blue squares with square/oblong of white in between) and then a final white border?

  8. I think it looks great as it is - a border would be nice, though to finish it off.

    Pomona x

  9. It's beautiful, I would leave it as it is.

  10. It looks fab, I love the effect of 2 colours only. I would leave it as it is but if you need it bigger a very simple boarder.


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