Thursday 18 August 2011

Farmer's Wife 32

Here are my new Farmer's Wife blocks - sorry cannot keep to two per week!  I seem to want to do them in big batches and then take a break.  When I get started I just want to keep going until something else takes over.

No 48 Homeward Bound

No 55 Linoleum

No 56 Maple Leaf

No 68 Postage Stamp

No 69 Practical Orchard

No 108 Windmill

No 109 Windows

No 111 Wrench

Here are my blocks all together in a mosaic - what's the quick way to make one of these as I seem to have spent ages on this one??

Also trying out a possible sashing colour for my blocks - I think it is Kona Hibiscus - one of my favourites!

So now I will let you catch up a bit but I will not be putting my feet up yet just other things are calling me and Liz I am going back to applique soon...


  1. Phew Mrs Sew and Sow, all your blocks look great. At this rate I think you will manage all the blocks.

  2. Those blocks have sure multiplied. They look great in the mosaic!
    Don't you forget about those applique borders...

  3. Wow these look great in the mosaic! I actually love the background this the color you will consider for corner triangles?

  4. The blocks look fantastic in the mosaic. And may I add, I love No48, Homeward Bound. Brilliant fabric combination.

  5. I just hang my head in despair . . . I haven't even got round to taking photos of the ones I have done!

    Pomona x

  6. Your choice of background is perfect! Jxo


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