Sunday 14 August 2011

Last visit to the Festival of Quilts 2011!

Have a comfy seat and enjoy the view of the other photos I took....

Being a sometime gardener I couldn't pass this one by.  One of my favourite times in Spring is when I see fern fronds uncurling and this was so effectively recreated using velvet I think....

Now that is some serious applique!  Loved it!

I am sure I have seen this rhino before somewhere...ah yes....

The original was engraved in 1515 by  Albrecht Duerer without the benefit of having seen one!  But a great rendition in fabric!

This quilt is called Homage to Henri - I assume Henri Matisse looking at those cut out shapes.  Lively quilt in colour and shapes!

Now a totally different feel with a Bauhaus tribute.  Very calm, very graphic.

Another blue and white quilt with a dash of daring red - the colours of the flag of the Netherlands and this slice of a windmill.  Drama and detail sketched in by quilting in black. 

Next were some stunning Japanese quilts by Yokisho Katagiri - I loved them all.  Such detail, such use of colour, space and asymmetry

The Japanese do seem to derive great inspiration from the natural world.  The photos are not great - my apologies - I did not seem to manage a head on shot but lots of people wanted to look in awe and wonder at these beauties.  The quilts themselves were absolutely fantastic you will have to believe me and as far as I could tell made from silk....

Hope you liked my sample of the Festival of Quilts 2011! 


  1. love all the quilt pics!
    I especially like the tutti frutti one and let's not even mention those hexagons...

  2. It looks like a sensational show. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I wish I could have been there though. There are some extremely talented quilters aren't there?

  3. I think we have similar tastes-- fiddleheads (the initial growth of ferns as they emerge in spring) have always been a special fascination of mine. I love the rhino (and as an art history major, I vividly recall that Albrecht Durer print). The Matisse shapes(and colors) are wonderful. And the Japanese quilts are amazing. I could not possibly pick one favorite-- they are all so inspirational in so many different ways. Thanks for posting more!!

  4. You are so much better at this than me. Telling everyone who did what. I just whacked up photos of the quilts I liked. I'm taking you again next year and you can crack the whip and make me pay attention.

  5. Great show and tell SS. Love dragonflies so loved the dragonfly quilt and what fun that bright chair cover is.


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