Monday 29 August 2011

Bordering on insanity!

Here is my progress on the border of my applique quilt using the pattern Friendship's Garden by Blackbird Designs ie Alma Allen and Cherie Ralston.

There is something quite therapeutic about hand sewing I find - you have to slow down and take it gently, listening to a good story on Radio 4 (the American Senator by Thackeray).... cup of tea at hand.  Ahhhhhh!

I am sort of committed to finishing this top off this month - at least that was my target on the UFO domination 2011 group .  Fat chance you say of finishing it now??  Well I do like a challenge but I have only completed one side and two corners so it looks a long way off.

Also best not to step on your cream coloured quilt in an early morning sortie dressed in you pyjamas and wellie boots....I have to applique on this bit!

I got too distracted this month by the Across the Sea QAL and spin off projects - did I need to start a hallowe'en themed lapquilt???  Well yes apparently! 

Also the Delft Dreams and Polo Fruity Hexagon quilts both got more attention than my applique quilt. 

Now I am also panicking slightly about the first swap I have entered - scary new territory!  And I have so much school uniform labelling to do - two off to a new school!

Will it all happen this week? - probably not but I find a deadline sure helps me focus so  - bring it on - insanity or success?



  1. It gets done when it gets done. Even you have to stop for food and rest, superwoman! Meanwhile, what you have done looks wonderful - but take your wells off in the house. You'll be fine in the swap. You make beautiful things and whoever your partner is will love whatever you send.

  2. lol I do that too, half a dozen things I need to get on with and I start something new... Its all fun though. I'm sure you'll have great fun with your first swap too!

  3. I don't doubt for a moment that you can fit it all in and do the Times Crossword Puzzle as well. You are a speedy quilter.

  4. Don't panic! YOu'll manage to get everything done somehow. Life's like that! Jxo

  5. Please don't stitch yourself into the ground trying to get it finished by Wednesday - you pretend that you really meant the end of September!! I often end up stitching way after it would have been sensible to stop but I get possessed my the 'must finish this' spirit, he's very powerful!! BTW, it's looking lovely! Clothes labels - yuck! - there are so many more interesting things to stitch! Have a lovely bank holiday and mind those muddy wellies on that white fabric!! (Just the sort of thing I'd do!)

  6. Such a pretty quilt! Looks like you're on the home stretch!

  7. Hi Nicky! I think we are sisters, at least quilting sisters! I got off track with Across the Sea and a Halloween project, too! And YES, I am very certain you and I both needed more Halloween things and how could anyone say no to that Greek Cross Quilt???

    Your border looks beautiful--Your Quilt is really beautiful!

  8. Love your friendship quilt xxxxxxx especially with the welly boot mark......your personal stamp xxxxx

  9. Your border is a fantastic achievement considering how busy you have been. It looks amazing!! Don't stress about the deadline you have achieved heaps getting so much done already. Extend it to next month's end....Just love it.
    (very naughty Welly mark!)

  10. Oh wow! This is going to be amazing when it is finished...but that doesn't make it any easier to trek on now does it? Hmmm...I feel your pain. ;)


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