Friday 12 August 2011

Hexalong at last

Well just before the delightful Lynne of Lilysquilts tells us she is finished her hexie project I am starting mine.  Well that is not strictly true....let me explain.

If you look on my UFO page you will see this quilt top

And this is it now - just a bit more quilting and I'll be putting on some rather awkward binding. 

I started this Kaleidoscope Hexagon at a workshop with Carolyn Forster but wasn't too sure about all that black - I do like the drama of it now!  So I started some brighter blocks which you can see here...

So you see I have two hexie projects on the go - one I aim to finish this year is a 

and a spare...sort of?  Then along comes Lynne and Gayle Brindley with a Hexalong but I am sure you already know this...

I jumped in of course but got sidetracked by other things and have only now decided to merge Kaleidoscope hexies as taught by Carolyn with the Hexalong!

Yeah!  So instead of starting another new project (not allowed to do that, am I?) I am actually finishing an undeclared UFO.  Clever huh?!

This is as far as I have got in two quick evening sessions ....

......assisted by using Carolyn Forster's own hexie templates which I had already purchased.  

The ones on the left are for making the kaleidoscope hexagons and those on the right are for her bigger better hexagon granny's garden type of quilt.

They are lovely and large, and I already have 46 kaleidoscope hexies hand pieced except for the central circle which I can now fussy cut to tie in with my other fabrics.  Whoohoo!  Quick quilt or what!??

[Edit:  now looking at the photo of my bright hexies I realise I have to make that quilt too - make that three hexie quilts I am working on!]

I am booked on a couple of Carolyn's courses in October and I would so like to show her a finished quilt (the black one) and perhaps a finished top...?  Who knows...just watch this space!


Size of block
7.5" unfinished

Dots from stash
plus some fabrics I bought at Ardingly Quilt Fair in February 2011


  1. they are all fantastic projects. You are so clever!
    I am sure you will get them done.

  2. Stunning, love it

  3. That last one is gorgeous! It will look so nice :) Have a beautiful day!

    Love, Kristin

  4. Haven't declared all my Ufo's either. A girl has to have some secrets but guess what - I have a similar project. Again not as advanced as yours and no hope of it seeing daylight for a long time. Beautiful quilts both of them. I love the secondary pattern that has appeared in the first one. Have a great time today. Wish I was there.

  5. Wow you kept them well hidden, great!!

  6. You are so fast! YOu will have them all done in no time :) Great templates and your blocks look fantastic! I can't believe you did that all in just two nights!

  7. I'm going to wait and see the big fussy cut flower hexies made with the fabric you bought today!


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