Sunday 14 August 2011

Festival of Quilts - the quilts!

You have had FoQ the people and the shopping now it is time to drool at some of the gorgeous quilts.

This is not an exhaustive round of quilts just some that caught my eye...

These blocks were so small and so perfect - and the closer you looked the more you saw!

Susan and I were amazed by those HSTs!  She suggested in jest I hope that it should be my next project.... she knows how much I love HSTs (not).

This quilt had a fantastic 3D effect!  Felt like I could climb those boxes and the quilting echoed the boxes right across the quilt - very effective!

This quilt had a name but no maker...loved those chalky colours - it says beach and summer picnics to me!

Another quilt with a name but no maker - Rest Soup with tighten stripes!  Great name for a great quilt.  Loved that orange cross and again such detailed work

Sorry do not have the details on this one but love that Art Deco feel - I can see Clarice Cliff all over this one!  But just look at those fussy cut hexies - something to inspire us on the hexalong!

I felt sadness from this quilt but maybe it is actually seerenity!  The shading is  astounding - like a photograph!  But just look closely to see how it was done...

Tiny mini mini hexagons....

Well that's my first selection of quilts - but I took more photos than I thought!  Who'd have thought Susan and I could have sorted out the world, shopped and looked at so many quilts ?

I'll post the rest soon if not tomorrow!



  1. amazingly complicated quilts! so many teeny tiny pieces... and that last one, boy thats incredible. Thanks for taking pics for us!

  2. WOW!! The quilts are just amazing! So beautiful. I am thoroughly enjoying reading yours and all the other posts about FoQ. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think that portrait is someone deep in thought. Very cleverly done. Love the first quilt and it is one on my ever growing wish list.

  4. Wonderful, thanks for sharing !

  5. Wow, wow, wow. Just amazing. I'm particularly struck by the first one - simply amazing. Thank you for posting.

  6. I'm losing track of the beauty that's going on here!! I've missed a few posts, but it sure looks like you've been having fun!! The quilts are spectacular!!

  7. Beautiful quilts. I can't imagine making all of those half square triangles in that second one. I made a quilt that looks like the dimensional cubes quilt, Falling Dew. It is from a book by Sara Nephew. Looks like you saw a lot of great quilts at this show.


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