Tuesday 16 August 2011

Plaid String-along! going strong...

I have been beavering away in the background with my string plaid blocks lagging behind the very quick Juliekquilts - she has probably completely finished her quilt by now.

Here is my first block  

 I then went onto make five more blocks along the same lines.  So far so good!  On my list of things to buy at the FoQ was some pale yellow for my sashing.  I did find some

But I also found that yellow and grey fabric... and so looking again at my plaid string blocks I decided I didn't like the cornerstones fabric I had sewn into six blocks in this quilt.  So while watching a film I unpicked all six cornerstones and have been putting the yellow and grey fabric in instead!  Grrr!

At this point I just needed six more quarter blocks to finish.  How could I resist the challenge?  I find the fairly mindless activity of string piecing quite therapeutic as I listen to some radio book on my laptop, cup of tea by my side and cat asleep on the bed!

So this centre section of the top is finished!  Yeah!  

Here is the back of the quilt - you can see I am using telephone directory papers as my foundation!  Wonder if the children or cats will help me when it comes to removing those?  I have removed them from one block but found that one so stretchy that I left the others in.  

When is the best time to take them out?   I was going with idea of taking them out when everything is sashed round all the edges so a narrow grey sashing might be my next move.

But what shall I do for borders???  The original quilt had a piano key border followed by a repeat of the sashing.  

I think I need to consult my latest second hand book as recommended by no less than the lovely Lynne from Lily's Quilts:  Pieced Borders, the complete resource by Judy Martin and Marsha McCloskey! 

 Unless you have any suggestions....?


  1. the yellow and grey sashings look great. I do like the yellow cornerstones too.
    Well done!

  2. I realised that I have already done a version of this quilt with my selvages. I did it as a quilt as you go and used a piano key border as it went with the scrappy theme. Love what you have done with yours. If you are using paper then take it out when it is surrounded by your borders as it will come out easier and not distort your blocks. You can score down the stitching line with something blunt and it will make the paper tear easier. These are things that I have found out by trial and error.

  3. That yellow and grey (of which I have some too) is marvellous as the cornerstones. Another great quilt top from you.

  4. Very, very nice Nicky. But what about the Friendship Garden quilt and your self imposed deadline of the end of the month? I am a first rate nag, just ask my kids.

  5. The new cornerstone fabric looks great - well worth unpicking the ones you'd already done! I think you should leave the foundation paper in until you've put a border/sashing on - if you can bear to I'd be tempted to leave it in until the whole top is completed but only if it doesn't become too unwieldy...my only idea for a border (other than the piano keys which will look great) is for a square on point - either scrappy or made of strings. Whatever you choose will look fab!

  6. I love the way this is looking!

  7. Wow, you are moving right along with this quilt! Nice job!!

  8. This is looking fabulous! Know you will come up with a great border.

  9. I love your plaids...your center is done already...woohoo!!!

  10. Your string blocks are a beautiful muted mix of colour and lines, gorgeous! I would fancy some squares on point in the border


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