Saturday 13 August 2011

A gift for Canadian Abroad and the FoQ!

I made a little present for Susan as we were both going to the Festival of Quilts on the same day.  A souvenir if you like!

What do I know about Susan well she is a Canadian Abroad, she likes bright colours when tempered by white or grey and she likes cotton perle quilting.

So this very kitschy item is what I came up with....hope it makes her laugh!

It even has a bit of tartan to represent my Scottish roots!

And here is the face behind Canadian Abroad (and me)

and the personality behind the face is all that she seems to be on her blog and more - so friendly, so enthusiastic and so happy to be getting the Baby Go!   I felt I'd known her for years...

 I had such a great but exhausting day at the FoQ and am going to take it easy today - feet up, cup of tea and gloat over my buys....

First up the hexagon book from Marti Michell - she was there with husband Richard! - plus a small hexagon set of templates which will give me inspiration I hope for my hexie projects.  Also the sashing stars set so you can expect more exciting sashing from now on...

Some of the much blogged about Aurofil thread - variegated 40weight for some  hand quilting - thought I'd give it a try!

Some lovely fabric for my hexie quilt - the latest one!  Mainly bought from Doughty's and Quilt Essentials - must look those up on-line!

Yellows for my plaid string sashing - ok might have got that wrong a bit but what doesn't fit here will go in the hexie quilt I'm sure!

And I tested out the really lovely Mandy from Simply Solids on her knowledge of her products and she passed A*!  Here are Azure, Bubblegum, Bright Pink, Pomegranate and Tomato.  More little houses in the making - see the pink Shirley??? 

Some fabrics for baby quilts....! No not for me but for friends....!  The cars are from father/daughter team Il etait une fois..! who do digital printing of fabric similar to Spoonflower and will also print up your own designs!

This one from Chichester based The Eternal Maker was totally off-plan but hey one day I may get lost in Paris and how useful will this fabric be then???

How did I stay so focused? (believe me this is good for me!) Because of this little card reminding me what I needed not what I wanted .....all my fabrics from my projects stapled on so I could match them up!   It was useful - I will do this again...

So back to feet up, cup of tea and two important jobs - editing the other photos from the show!  You'll get to see them ...worry ye not! And some serious stroking of fabric, looking at the fabric, loving the fabric....maybe even some sewing!


  1. Yay pictures to come! can't travel at the mo so it will be lovely to see it, definitely going next year even if they have to carry m!y bed to it

  2. awww so that's what our susan looks like! lol Great to see you both had such a brilliant day :-)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful festival of quilts and meeting (of two blogges whom I totally enjoy reading). I read about your gift on Susam/Canadian Abroad's post yesterday (I'm a little behind on my bolg reading the last few days). Love all your purchases and your projects are amazing! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more photos from the FoQ.

  4. what a great day!
    LOTS of loveliness there.
    Love the new colours for your houses.

  5. Wow! Sounds like you had a great day! Lots of great purchases and a wonderful visit with Susan! Let me know how you like the Marti Michell's Hexagon templates...I have been eyeing those online.

  6. Looks like a good day's shopping. Love the house blocks and those pinks. Lots of new projects to keep you out of mischief - or get you into mischief!!!

  7. Was great to meet you and find a new blog to follow. Love your idea of attaching scraps of your fabric to a card - now if only I could exercise some self control . . . .

  8. Just catching up on my blog reading today and was inspired by all your recent posts. Such fabulous finds on this one! I am drooling over the wonderful hues of those quilting solids. Also, love the Aurifil thread and that hexagon book. I'm sure you'll put them all to good use!


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