Sunday 7 August 2011

Farmer's Wife 24

I fell behind in this QAL again!

I have made up for it and jumped ahead doing six new blocks yesterday.

They are 

No 5 Bat Wing

No 6 Big Dipper

No 10 Bow Tie

No 30 End of Day

No 40 Friendship Block

No 54 Kitchen Woodbox

And then just because I still didn't like my No 4 Basketweave I did it for the
third time...

No 4 Basketweave (third version)

New blocks on Kona Hibiscus background

New Blocks + Basketweave on Design Board

I have done 24 blocks now.  It seems to work for me to do a whole batch rather than just two at a time - in fact I have another one cut out and ready to go and may do even more tomorrow...??  

They are a bit additive once you get started but my sewing room (aka the spare bedroom)  always ends up in a mess doing these blocks as I look for that elusive piece of fabric to make my block look better! 

Are you neat and tidy or a bit of a messy sprawl like me (only with regard to sewing of course)?



  1. Wow SS, 24 blocks. I am impressed. I have fallen by the wayside yet again. Never mind. Love the hibiscus colour. Purple is my next favourite colour.

  2. Oh dear! I love your blocks, but you make me feel guilty - I am way behind with my making and my posting. It's our busiest time of year, and everyone's at home - and I could think of all sorts of excuses . . . I will try to do better and follow your industrious example! Although I am a bit slow, so 2 in a day is probably my maximum.

    Pomona x

  3. Hi Nicky, you should take your children to Villa Borghese - it's a beautiful green park with a little zoo also. You can also rent row boats on the little lake. We would have loved to do it, but were only there for two days. The roman 'soldier' we met right after being at Pantheon. They walk around the most famous tourist attractions. He wanted some euroes for the photos, but I think it was worth it :) And who doesn't love to throw coins in fontana di trevi? Hope you all have a beautiful trip in October ( a great time of the year to go there) It was too hot in July!

    Love, Kristin

  4. lovely blocks to add to your collection. I love the big dipper block and the bow tie.

  5. Great blocks! I sew in the kitchen {waiting for that empty bedroom} so I make a huge mess and then have to tidy up before evening.

  6. I sew in the dining room. The mess seems to build up quite quickly, and I just have to clear the decks before I can carry on! And the bits of cotton and corners of the HST's seem to follow me everywhere. I have to do a major clean and tidy and put everything away on Wednesday as we have visitors coming and my husband would like to use the dining room. Mr Picky!
    Those blocks look really good against the hibiscus fabric. Are you using that as the sashing?


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