Wednesday 17 August 2011

Time travel!

Yesterday I got very little sewing done!  Are you shocked?  I don't sew well in a car even when I'm not driving!  

And we went on a trip to Greenwich....My eldest is interested in physics and astronomy so we had promised to take her to the Royal Observatory.  Historically this is an important place as it is where we eventually managed to measure travel around the globe east to west before GPS that is  - the invention of longitude, which would have been impossible without the invention of a clock that was accurate out at sea!

The courtyard at the Observatory has a line going through it and everyone wants their photo taken with one foot either side as this is the Greenwich Mean Time line, the Prime Meridian, 0 degrees longitude!  One foot in the West, the other in the East!

We saw a great show at the planetarium led by a doctor of Astronomy.  It showed us the sky as it was yesterday evening which is just as well as it was too cloudy to see for real.  But be on the lookout for Jupiter in future as it has just come into view for us in the Northern Hemisphere!  Saturn has gone south...!  

She gave us a view of our solar system from outside our galaxy the Milky Way and ended up giving us a brief look at the sky at night from Australia!  With a better view of the Milky Way than we get in the UK or US! 

Well you would think that was exciting enough but before we climbed the steep hill up to the observatory around the grand buildings of the Royal Naval College there was a bit of a commotion. 

A film crew from the BBC were much in evidence filming a period drama...

This is how you change a modern street into a Victorian one - a bit of tarpaulin and dirt!

Here are some of the cast getting instruction

Can you see the man with the pegleg?  And this dapper young gent posed for the photo - is he playing a major part?

And is this less salubrious chap capturing my daughter? Or making her laugh?

Well you are possibly wondering which drama was being filmed?  As it is from the BBC you could have 'great expectations' of a quality production - need I say more?

This was time travel indeed....


  1. What a cool day out! Love that you saw the filming, as well as all the other fun.

  2. I give up. What was being filmed? I have visited the Greenwich Observatory as well. It's full of fascinating stuff, but I saw no quilts though.

  3. How exciting. Did you meet anyone famous? Great Expectations heh! Clarissa looks like she is having fun.

  4. What a great outing. Shame Colin Firth wasn't in that period drama...... Sorry can't help showing my age...

  5. Hi Nicky
    I've done the Greenwich thing too!
    How exciting though to see the filming.

    Loving all your sewing.

  6. Looks awfully Dickensian to me - especially the child snatching!

    Pomona x


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