Sunday 28 August 2011

Where is the fright nite quilt? Dr Who's back on!

Where was the quilt to hide behind when I needed it for the first in the new series of Dr Who!?  [Edit: not as scary as I had hoped...]

Still in pieces that's where and waiting on more blood red - aka Kona Ruby Red fabric - but I hope my order is being processed.

So I got thinking about a suitable border and this is what sprang to mind

Lovely sharp pointed ....teeth!  

Don't let the children see them or they will know there hasn't been any toothpaste anywhere near these gnashers!

And just to show you I don't get things right first or even second time

 I kept managing to get my wide bits stitched in the opposite place which makes a nice curve rather than a straight line - but this makes me think curved corners would be rather nice!

Liking this crazy idea more and more....just have to think what goes on the back of this quilt???   And I have an idea for that....!

In the meantime back to the baby quilt for the QAL - I have cut out all my cross pieces for the front of the quilt and here are a selection.  I have tried them out on a series of graduated blue backgrounds 

but I have to say that I like them  better on the same deep blue

they just show up so much better so they are waiting on that deep blue sea  background fabric....

I have also been back working on the applique border of the Friendship's Garden quilt - I have nearly finished one side only but my target was to finish all four borders by the end of the month.  It is a tall order!  Am I going to make it ...?  Not quite sure yet as there is a busy week ahead with the return to school.  I will post a photo when I have more to show!

One last thing - I let Clarissa see my post with the photos of Emily, including your comments.  She asked if I would tell all of you how grateful she is that you posted all those lovely thoughts to comfort her.  It really helped to know that everyone was thinking of her.  Clarissa has decided to print off her favourite photo of Emmy and frame it as a reminder of her special friend.  Clarissa added: Thanx again it cheered me up! XD


  1. Oooh Frite Night Quilt definitely needs fangs! Thats so funny! Glad Clarissa's doin okay :-)

  2. Wow those teeth are scary! They will look great in your Frite Night Quilt! So glad Clarissa is getting long just fine...

  3. love the fright night quilt....wonderful. So creative!!

  4. Clarissa here! Yea I'm getting over it but i do need things to distract me.

    -C- XD

  5. Love the teeth - I can't decide if they're a dental hygienist's worst nightmare or dream come true...suppose it depends on their personality type! So glad to hear Clarissa sounding upbeat in her message/comment - printing off a favourite photo is a lovely idea, has she got a frame picked out?

  6. The teeth look great. I definitely think it's with waiting for the dark fabric, they pop best against it. Am pleased the blog post and comments helped.

  7. Oh, I love the idea of the teeth, and curved corners, now that would really be something - like a huge mouth all the way round the quilt! (is that a bit too freaky?!)



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