Saturday 20 August 2011

Hexing Along....

I have three hexy projects on the go at the moment.

Furthest along is the Kaleidoscope Hexagon quilt, which I am still quilting but there is not much left to do.  I think if I quilt it in the evenings I may even finish it soon...

Second is the Hexalong.  Lynne keeps posting lovely blocks for us to try but I  have not got down to actually doing them......yet!  I think this weekend may be the time to catch up.

I am also wanting to delve deeper into Marti Michell's book Six is for Hexagons and I have found some other hexy blocks in my second hand books by Jan Halgrimson.     I will have to redraft these to make them the right size for this project however and that should test out my skills...

Here are a couple I would like to try...

For now, here are the new blocks I have done...

And all together so far...

My third project is the bright Kaleidoscope Hexagon quilt!  I have 46 blocks as two have gone into the hexalong quilt.  But with what I have left I thought I could make a nice comfy lap quilt and an easy finish using the machine to sew these blocks by Gayle Brindley's point to point method.  

This is my progress so far.  Not much I know but I should get all blocks in rows soon and then I will have the trickier bit of sewing rows together....

I have some spare tumblers in a drawer somewhere so when I have sewn these blocks together it will not take much time to make the 3 more I need to make a 7x7  block quilt.  Then I will have 49 centre circles to sew on as I haven't decided whether it should be all one fabric or different ones??

It would be good to get this extra UFO top finished.


  1. The pansy is gorgeous! And I do love the stars too. You hexie queen, you!

  2. ALL of your hexies are just gorgeous!! Love them all.

  3. Wow that's a lot of hexagon projects, they all look lovely

  4. Loads of lovely hexies! I fancy trying that hexie pinwheel too :-)

  5. Great going Nicky! No sitting around eating bon bons for you! LOL! I love that spinning star...I hope you do that one and post it! I would love to see it :) Have a great weekend!

  6. I love all your hexie projects! I'm definitely going to have a go at the pinwheel one; thanks for sharing!

  7. they all look fantastic.
    I like your new header too. very swish!

  8. Hallo liebe Nicky,
    wow - ich habe noch nie so wunderschöne Hexagons gesehen, sie sind ganz besonders!!!
    Greetings from Germany


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