Thursday 25 August 2011

Beach bag beached roll on Across The Sea!

Back In March/April I decided to make a beach bag out of these fabrics 

Look I even did a mock up of it with ribbon and everything....

But did I do anything about it ?  No not in the least!  I haven't even been to the beach apart from a short visit to the Isle of Wight in Spring!

So I am re-purposing the fabric for a baby quilt like this

I am joining in the Across the Seas QAL led by Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts and Sarah of Fairy Face Designs and it is not too late to join in as well....if you haven't jumped in yet!

And I will add in these fabrics - do they all play nicely together?

Of course I have far too many fabrics but I like a choice and I may but in a little border round the edge...?

But my question today is - which one should be the background?  I was thinking it was a choice between white, aqua or the dark teal?  To be honest I'm drawn to the dark one but is this too dark for a baby quilt?

Hope it works out all right!  One of the babies is supposedly a girl and the one due last Sunday - well I haven't heard.....yet?


  1. I think some of the fabrics would be lost if you use aqua as a background. The dark background would be striking (what I suggested for my quilt and everyone voted for white - still might go dark though) and appeals to me. Would be more a boy quilt though - to some people. Sure this has not helped you make up your mind at all!!

  2. I really like them all laid out on the dark! That'd be my choice :-)

  3. Love all those fabrics! What a gorgeous selection and a lovely pattern too.
    Sorry I can't be helpful but I love all the backgrounds.

  4. I also really like the dark background as it allows the other fabrics to shine...if you're worried it'll be too dark you could choose a lighter fabric for the back and binding. I think a tiny baby laying on the quilt version of the top photo would be adorable! Stick with your instinct - I think it's spot on!

  5. Loving all your fabrics (but refraining from offering advice as I am the most indecisive person on earth) Have fun with the quilt-along!

  6. Gorgeous prints. I'd go dark or white to give a contrast with your colours & patterns. Would have made a great beach bag too! So glad you're joining in the QAL! Jxo

  7. My opinion on baby quilts is this: they are really to please the mother (and possibly father) since the baby isn't interested in anything but it's next feed, new nappy, sleep etc. These days, young mums seem to like the modern white quilts with some bright colour in a simple pattern. if the new mother is 45+ maybe a different story. So my vote goes for the white background.

  8. Gorgeous fabric. I vote for the dark one which is unusual for me as I use White a lot but I think the first one frames the fabrics best.

  9. Oooo I think I'd go for the dark, or that tomato red that appears in the prints (I know, that wasn't an option!) I have used white in baby quilts which looks lovely, but really isn't that practical...especially if it's going to be properly used!


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